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Product thumbnailCustomer reviews for Steel prong set gem curved barbell
Posted on 10/1/2015
16g 3/8" Blue
Gem is hidden in the silver casing and the bar is quite long.

Posted on 9/25/2014
16g 3/8" Clear
Looks great, but now at four weeks later, its turning green. Using it for my eyebrow, maybe washing my face has turned it green super fast (even though I do dry it). At least it was reasonably priced, just wished it lasted longer for me.

Posted on 6/10/2013
16g 3/8" Blue
I really enjoy this jewelry. I wear it in my cartilage piercing. It looks great, is good quality, and is comfortable.

Posted on 11/27/2012
16g 3/8" Clear
Did not enjoy this item too much. It has a "cheap" look to it and does not sit comfortably in my eyebrow.

Posted on 1/14/2012
16g 3/8" Clear
I absolutely love this piece! The only this that bothers me is when I tilt my head to the side, the top part is so heavy it moves with it..., but I still love it.

Posted on 12/26/2011
16g 3/8" Clear
I bought this for my mom for xmas. hopes she loves it!:)

Posted on 11/15/2011
16g 3/8" Pink
I love love looooovvvveee the color of this. It's my favorite! A little longer than expected, but still a very nice little piece.

Posted on 7/27/2011
16g 3/8" Tanzanite
Very cute, the stone is pretty and it looks great!

Posted on 7/19/2011
16g 3/8" Pink
CUTE! I love the sparkliness of the gem!

Posted on 7/19/2011
16g 3/8" Clear
They are def adorable! And worth the money!

Posted on 7/16/2011
16g 3/8" Light green
I bought this for my rook and it is so cute. It went in easy and doesn't hurt at all while I sleep. I love it!

Posted on 3/3/2011
16g 3/8" Pink
Very cute...and little. This is actually a bit smaller than I expected, but still super nice. I got this for my inverse navel as it was pierced really shallow and typical navel rings are way to long. I'd guess that gem is 3mm across...This would be nice for an eyebrow or something where a little sparkle goes a long way.

Posted on 2/10/2011
16g 3/8" Red
I bought this in clear as well. I like the red but the clear is a lot shinier and noticeable.

Posted on 2/8/2011
16g 3/8" Clear
I love this one. The gem is immensely shinny and noticeable.

Posted on 2/1/2011
16g 3/8" Clear
Adorable! Perfect jewelry for a rook or eyebrow piercing.

Posted on 2/1/2011
16g 3/8" Tanzanite
Very cute, I plan on putting this in my rook once it heals a little more. It should only be used in piercings where the jewel can sit outward.

Posted on 1/17/2011
16g  Purple
I bought this for my sister for a gift and she loves it! The color is great, and she's been wearing it constantly for about half a year now! Worth every penny.

Posted on 4/22/2009
Gauge purchased:16 The gem was a little bigger than I had expected but its still cute, it sparkles like no ones business.

Posted on 1/22/2009
Gauge purchased: 16g. These are really cute, I bought the light green and tanzanite. I wish they were internally threaded though because when I put them in my rook, the threading irritates the piercing, but once it is in, there's no problem.

Posted on 1/9/2009
Gauge purchased: 16g These are very pretty for the price, but i purchased them not thinking about how the gem would sit on an earlobe. you cant see the gem very well. would be great to use for an eyebrow or navel piercing.

Posted on 6/13/2008
Gauge purchased: 16g, Tanzanite. This piece is very shiny and very pretty, I was impressed by the color of the stone and the quality overall. It's worth the $4.99 and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Posted on 4/12/2008
Gauge purchased: 16g, tanzanite. the gem in this is absolutely stunning; its a real attention getter &it looks super-classy. the only problem i personally had with it is that it was too long for my well-healed eyebrow piercing and the bottom part hangs down a bit, kind of in my line of vision.. other than that, i really love this piece. it would be even more awesome tho if these came in more than one size.. :)

Posted on 11/15/2007
I bought the red one awhile ago..actually last year..for my rook and i loved it! it looked so cute but a couple months ago it started to turn green and gross. Its a good buy just don't expect it to last awhile. BAF<3

Posted on 7/21/2007
I received my order today and I love this eyebrow ring. My eyebrow is small so the ring hangs down a little, but not enough to be distracting. I still love it, my new favorite piece.

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