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Product thumbnail Naked Oil

Price (US): $7.50
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Product # 2189

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Product information
naked (natural alternative)
This product is great to moisturize your stretched piercings. It should not be used to replace aftercare cleansers.

A great way to nurture and heal your piercing naturally. Skin is contantly creating its own oil to help carry away bacteria and keep out environmental toxins. When this is disrupted, by body piercing or any other type of irritation or abrasions, the body needs help to regenerate new skin cells at the surface. Lavender has both an anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing (wound healing) effect. It is also a mild anesthetic, which soothes irritated skin. Tea tree oil aids in dissolving lumps of white blood cells at the surface, which form pus, and allows your bloodstream to clean them away. Castor oil stimulates your lymphatic systems, encouring rapid healing.

To use: Wash hands thoroughly before use, or apply with cotton tipped applicator, 2 times a day or as needed.
Manufactured by Industrial Strength LLC (not the body jewelry company)

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Customer photos
  • Naked Oil   .5 oz small bottle

Customer reviews
Date posted: 1/26/2015
  .5 oz small bottle
I just can't say enough good things about this product. I usually have a bottle of this on hand because I love it so much. It's great for keeping piercings moisturized without irritating them. It's also a vegan product which is great. A bottle of this usually lasts me anywhere from 2-3 months. I do wish it were available in a larger size though!
Date posted: 12/8/2014
  .5 oz small bottle
felt good, nice smell, and decent price
Date posted: 12/3/2014
  .5 oz small bottle
I really enjoyed this product, it stopped the itching of my new piercing.
Date posted: 12/2/2014
  .5 oz small bottle
Even tho this is a small bottle it goes a long way, one drop spreads and covers my whole lobe with a generous coating. As you massage it in it goes thick and kind of like a cream but it stays clear so doesn't make your ears look all creamy and white. I really recommend this.
Date posted: 11/4/2014
  .5 oz small bottle
This is the only thing that has calm my healing navel piercing. I absolutely recommend this product, and will definitely be purchasing another bottle as soon as I run out! Thanks for stocking this BAF!

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