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Product thumbnail Digital gift certificate

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Product # 2424

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Product information


Steps for processing a digital gift certificate:
1. Add amount you want to give to your cart. You can always update the quantity in the cart to change the amount as well.
2. When ready proceed to checkout
3. Fill in the form for gift certificate information on checkout

If you'd like to delay notification of the gift certificate to your recipient put YOUR email address in the recipients email address line on checkout. This way you'll get the notification with the passcode and then you can give it to your recipient. The recipient will need both YOUR email and the passcode to redeem the gift certificate at checkout.

If you'd like a paper certificate, we've made one that you can print out and fill in to give to your recipient after you get the information with the passcode via email. Just click the photo below to access the graphic and then print it out on your printer and fill it in.

If you don't mind your recipient being notified of your gift immediately then just put THEIR email address in the recipient email box on checkout. The email will go directly to them with the passcode they will need to redeem it. The email will be sent after payment is made at checkout.

If you're buying ONLY a gift certificate:
4. Set your shipping to GIFT CERTIFICATE ONLY so that you won't get charged shipping
5. Checkout like normal

If you're buying other items along with a gift certificate:
4. Select the appropriate shipping you would like
5. Checkout like normal

Digital gift certificate

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