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Product thumbnail Bug plug
Double flare
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Material(s): Acrylic   More info...
Product # 3080

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Product information
The quality on these is "okay" at best. Although the bugs look KICK ASS from the fronts, the wearable area is lumpy with overall poor craftsmanship. It IS fairly smooth on most of the wearable area, but some parts are not. Some of them have HUGE flares.

Most of the plugs seem to have a 5/16" wearable although there are a few odd ones that are larger. These are double flare only with bugs set in clear acrylic.

Bug plug

Customer photos (Displaying newest)
Bug plug 15/16"  Beetle -- Photo # 22710
Bug plug 7/8"  Beetle -- Photo # 22227
Bug plug 5/8"  Scorpion -- Photo # 5720
Bug plug 15/16"  Beetle -- Photo # 4685
Bug plug 15/16"  Scorpion -- Photo # 4684
Bug plug 18mm  Beetle -- Photo # 4611
Bug plug 18mm  Beetle -- Photo # 2854
Bug plug 15/16"  Spider -- Photo # 1596
Bug plug 2g  Clear -- Photo # 1299
Bug plug 18mm  Ant -- Photo # 875
Bug plug 18mm  Beetle -- Photo # 761
Bug plug 18mm  Scorpion -- Photo # 736

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