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Product thumbnail Golden obsidian stone plugs
Double flare
Price (US): $15.95 thru $71.95 /pair
Gauge: 8g thru 1-1/4"    Sizing help...
Material: Stone   More info...
Product # 7534

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Customer photos
  • Golden obsidian stone plugs 9/16"  (pair)
  • Golden obsidian stone plugs 1/2"  (pair)
  • Golden obsidian stone plugs 0g  (pair)
  • Golden obsidian stone plugs 7/16"  (pair)
  • Golden obsidian stone plugs 0g  (pair)
  • Golden obsidian stone plugs 5/8"  (pair)

Customer reviews
Date posted: 3/13/2014
3/4"  (pair)
Absolutely love these. Perfectly polished and balanced, well matched, decent flares. Captivating coloration and variation - subtle, yet gorgeous. Oracle and BAF continue to impress!
Date posted: 1/10/2014
0g  (pair)
These were a christmas gift to a friend and she loves them, wears them all the time. she says she needs to take them out at night though because she has "stretchy ears and they fall out."
Date posted: 1/7/2014
0g  (pair)
These are subtly pretty. The flares are small and easy to insert, they're very smooth, and they have a great weight to them. Good for work or something that requires low-profile jewelry. I will be buying these again in bigger sizes!
Date posted: 11/14/2013
0g  (pair)
I love these plugs. They are well matched, with gorgeous gold tone subtle striped shimmer. These have more gold shimmer than my Mayan flared oracle golden obsidian. Mild flares.
Date posted: 10/22/2013
0g  (pair)
Not as much variation in color as I had hoped for. But still a beautiful stone.