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Product thumbnail Coconut wood plugs
Double flare
Price (US): $11.95 thru $71.95 /pair
Gauge: 12g thru 2-1/8"    Sizing help...
Material(s): Coconut wood, Wood   More info...
Sold as a PAIR

Product information

This item is hand carved from organic material and the gauge will vary +/- up to 0.5mm.

Approximate 3/8" wearable area

Product photo

Customer photos
  • Coconut wood plugs 9/16"  (pair)
  • Coconut wood plugs 7/16"  (pair)
  • Coconut wood plugs 1/2"  (pair)
  • Coconut wood plugs 1/2"  (pair)
  • Coconut wood plugs 4g  (pair)
  • Coconut wood plugs 2g  (pair)
  • Coconut wood plugs 0g  (pair)

Customer reviews
Date posted: 8/17/2015
9/16"  (pair)
These plugs are very nice, the color is darker than I expected which makes the wood detail difficult to see. There are some ridges in the wearable due to the natural texture of coconut, but the polish is decent so it does not affect my ears. Overall happy with these, even though they were different than expected.
Date posted: 6/6/2014
9/16"  (pair)
These are my new favorite plugs. They are very comfortable, and lightweight. The flares are not too big either, so they are fairly easy to get in and out for me.
Date posted: 4/11/2014
6g  (pair)
I love wearing these plugs as sleepers at night, they r so easy to put in and don't fall out
Date posted: 4/9/2014
6g  (pair)
These are my go-to daily plugs now. Love them. They are well matched, but I do think one is a hair smaller than the other in the saddle.
Date posted: 1/8/2014
0g  (pair)
these weren't as cute as i thought they would be. they were still nice though.