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Customer testimonials

Submitted 5/22/2018

I have been using this website for the past several years. I've never had any issues with quality, shipping, or site navigation. Thanks for being awesome!

Submitted 5/19/2018

I have used this site for years and I am truly a life long fan! I recommend it to anybody with body jewlery needs and have forced any family member with a car to put one of your stickers on it! Couldn't be happier 💖

Submitted 5/17/2018

I love this site. I've been shopping with you guys for a handful of years, and I always find something cool that I've never seen before. This will continue to be my go-to jewelry stop. I've been giving people your info for years, and will gladly continue to do so. Thank you!!

Submitted 5/17/2018

Always a good experience with BAF. When I had a package that got lost, Customer care was wonderful about it. Shipping is always fast and the packaging is sturdy and nice. I love that we get the extra O-rings, helps me out a lot to have extra around. I have given out the gauge card to many friends who have needed them (As I have a few for myself still). They are such useful tools! You guys a splendid! I will keep doing business here in the future.

Submitted 5/17/2018

I'm going to charge you for another Chromebook because I keep drooling on mine when I'm on your website!

Submitted 5/15/2018

I love this website! This is the absolute best website to order piercings from--it's cheap, affordable, the quality is great, and the overall experience and free perks you get from placing an order makes this my favorite website to purchase my jewelry from :)

Submitted 5/15/2018

BAF is awesome, recommend you all to everyone who comments on my jewelry :) thanks!!!

Submitted 5/14/2018

Always have a great experience with bodyartforms. Everything is shipped quickly, correctly, and the products are always quality. I never buy anywhere else.

Submitted 5/11/2018

I’m so happy I found this site! The quality of their jewelry is great and their prices are unbeatable. I used to shop on body candy but their quality isn’t great and their prices are on the higher side. I love this site.

Submitted 5/11/2018

i've been ordering body jewelry from this website for years now and i've recommended it so many times. i always get what i ordered super quick and i'm sent emails confirming the order and when it gets sent to me. i love how there's always an offer for a sizing chart-it's super helpful.

Submitted 5/11/2018

I’ve ordered from you all in the past and everything has always been awesome.

Submitted 5/6/2018

This is the best website ever and I'm glad I discovered it! Everything is dope so far about the website! Keep up the good work BAF Team!

Submitted 5/3/2018

I've bee buying from you guys for a few years and I've had no complaints. You guys always have a awesome selection to choose from in various sizes and your prices are pretty awesome too and affordable. plus the free gift things are a nice bonus and very much appreciated. I really can't think of a more reputable place to get body jewelry online but haven't bothered to check else where because i know you have whatever i'm looking for...or not looking for

Submitted 5/3/2018

My go-to for all my piercing jewelry. You guys are the best, thank you so much for selling such quality goods!

Submitted 4/26/2018

Always awesome ordering from you. Easy to use website. Easy ordering. Quick shipping. Awesome products. My favorite!

Submitted 4/22/2018

I will always get my jewelry from this site and always recommend y’all. I’ve been buying here since it was free shipping. Gotta love Texas based business

Submitted 4/19/2018

Love this website!! I always order jewelry from here and it gets here super quick!

Submitted 4/19/2018

I absolutely love you guys. As long as you’re around I will never buy jewelry from anyone else. Please keep up the great work :-D <3.

Submitted 4/19/2018

Been a customer for about a decade. Great products, great prices! !

Submitted 4/18/2018

Will and forever be my favorite place to shop for jewelry. I enjoy your company so much. You guys keep up the amazing work.

Submitted 4/17/2018

I love this website so much!! Body art forms has been my favorite website for ordering plugs for years now, absolutely beautiful pieces!!!

Submitted 4/16/2018

I've been a fan of this company for a good 10 years. Their products are always lovely and I enjoy their variety of wares. Keep up the good work, everyone! 😃

Submitted 4/16/2018

Best service I have ever received. Everyone is always so nice and the website works great! On Mac and iPhone!

Submitted 4/16/2018

Excellent website for ordering, you are absolutely my online go-to for body jewelry. You always have what I want and need! Thank you for being awesome! :)

Submitted 4/16/2018

I have been shopping here for years! Great prices and product!

Submitted 4/10/2018

Thank you! Amazing products and shipping doesn't take too long event for someone ordering from far away ! And thanks for doing your part saving the environnement.

Submitted 4/9/2018

I love shopping with bodyartforms! I purchase all my earrings from them and I never have been disappointed with my selections or with the shipping. Thank you!

Submitted 4/8/2018

I LOVE THE WEBSITE!!! Great deals on extremely nice pieces of jewelry! I've recommended you guys to at least 15 of my friends

Submitted 4/7/2018

Love your website and have always loved your jewelry. Get quality and service!! Thank you

Submitted 4/6/2018

This website is my favorite place to purchase jewelry from! It has a wide variety of different types of jewelry, affordable prices, and fast shipping. And the layout of the website is very user friendly and easy to maneuver

Submitted 4/5/2018

I want to say , I order from you guys a bit and you guys are always awesome ! I ordered a nose ring for a wedding that needed to get here in a couple days and you got it out here just in time with a lil note . You guys are amaze balls! Lol. Thanks a bunch! ??

Submitted 4/5/2018

I've already gave feedback before but I just have to say again that I really love ordering from you guys. You have a wide array of jewelry and I know that if I need something I'll find something I like. You guys rock!

Submitted 4/5/2018

Solid selection, been doing business with you for around 10 years.

Submitted 4/3/2018

Have used you guys for years I love everything I've ever gotten it's always quality and on time!! Thanks guys keep up the awesome work!!

Submitted 4/2/2018

can't believe i've been shopping here for over 10 years! love you guys <3

Submitted 4/2/2018

Been using your site since 2010, can’t go anywhere else to get body jewelry now. The price and quality you guys offer is unbeatable and I’ve sent many of my friends to your site as well. Thank you!

Submitted 4/2/2018

Love your prompt service! smooth transactions every time and speedy delivery my package is usually here within 3 days. Love you guys your my go to mod shop^_^ <3 For ever a loyal customer.

Submitted 4/2/2018

Love you guys. been coming here for years. always got my order sooner than anticipated. keep up the great work <3

Submitted 4/2/2018

Excellent site! I've been shopping with BAF for a long time and it's just gotten better and better. I buy ALL of my body jewelry here!

Submitted 4/2/2018

Love this website. Have you used it for years. Practically my only source for quality jewelry. Love you guys!

Submitted 4/2/2018

I love this website and have been buying from it for years. Always happy.

Submitted 4/2/2018

I've order from you for years and I always come back to BAF!

Submitted 3/31/2018

I've been using BAF for years and have never been disappointed. Keep up the great work!

Submitted 3/30/2018

I've been ordering from this site for over 10 years and have never had any problems. just sayin thanks for the hard work you all do!

Submitted 3/23/2018

You guys are amazing! I've bought almost all of my jewelry from you guys, and I've never regretted a single purchase, or been anything less than overjoyed with your services! You're the greatest!

Submitted 3/22/2018

Very easy to browse the site, and find things I'm looking for! This is my

Submitted 3/20/2018

I've ordering lots of jewelry from you guys over the years, and I've always been happy. Keep up the good work!

Submitted 3/19/2018

I have been using BAF for about 13 years. Never had an issue, never had a complaint. Which is why I came directly back to here to start re-stretching my ears again.

Submitted 3/19/2018

Totally hooked on Anatometal body jewelry! Strict quality standards and attention to detail make Anatometal the couture line in body jewelry! Thanks for providing us the opportunity to purchase this brand from BAF!

Submitted 3/18/2018

Always love shopping with you guys. Everything we receive is of great quality and matches. We tell all of our friends about BAF. Thank you!

Submitted 3/18/2018

You guys are really awesome. Excellent service, products delivered as ordered, and last-minute order changes are handled with grace & friendly notifications. There's a good reason why I keep with you, I appreciate all your efforts to make your customers happy!

Submitted 3/18/2018

Always love shopping with BAF, I've been a customer since 2012 and will continue to be a customer as long as they keep up the good work, and I continue to pass on the good word of such a great place to shop for jewlry! Love getting emails for reminders of all the great sales, and I enjoy being a loyal customer that gets rewards for all my purchases as well.Keep up the good work!

Submitted 3/18/2018

You guys are awesome. I have been using you for my piercings for about a decade. The free gifts, gauge charts and discounts you offer always have me coming back. Keep up the awesome work.

Submitted 3/17/2018

Love this website, love the products and love the people. Customer service is a 10/10 ❤

Submitted 3/16/2018

I have been purchasing jewelry since 2009 and have consistently seen your site improve and grow over the years. Now living in Central Texas over the last 6 years, I have visited and picked up items in Georgetown and love the folks and environment. Cheers y'all

Submitted 3/15/2018

Awesome website and service. So happy with all of my purchases and shipping has been fast. Thank You !

Submitted 3/14/2018

I have used this website for a very long time and I have always had great results whether it was a naval ring or a plug. The shipping has always been speedy and I have absolutely nothing bad to say. I always get compliments and always refer them to this site. Thank you for all your years of amazing jewelry and gauges :)

Submitted 3/14/2018

I love you guys! I’ve been ordering for so many years

Submitted 3/14/2018

Great website!! I recommend it to everyone i know in search of jewelry!!

Submitted 3/8/2018

This is a wonderful company. Thanks to all of you for providing great service and products. I promote yall every chance I get to. 😁

Submitted 3/4/2018

I have used this website to order a bunch of body jewelry over the years and have never had any issues. Even while I was deployed this website has managed to get the items to me with no problems and in such a short time. The quality of all the jewelries and the retainers selection is awesome. Thank you for being the best website for body jewelry!

Submitted 3/3/2018

Body art forms is my favorite place to shop at for body jewelry. Great prices and great shipping.

Submitted 3/3/2018

I've been a customer for over 11 years. love you guys

Submitted 3/3/2018

Always great products...been shopping with you guys for the past 4 years..never had a problem...can't beat the prices and have never had to worry about privacy hacks for my credit card....very happy customer

Submitted 3/2/2018

The quality, selection, and price of your ear plugs and tunnels are amazing! You also have sizes that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. BAF is my only jewelry store!

Submitted 2/28/2018

Always have bought all my gauges from here for the past two years, never have been disappointed! Great job with the shipping, keep it up!

Submitted 2/27/2018

You guys are awesome ! Absolutely in love with every piece of jewelry I've ordered so far ! The quality is amazing, definitely looking forward to ordering more from you guys in the future !

Submitted 2/24/2018

Love your site, always find good deals on the best variety of plugs. I've been a customer for a very long time, I remember hitting up your website in college.. I graduated in 2005. Is that possible? Haha, anyway, cheers!!

Submitted 2/22/2018

I still love this website! I’ve been shopping here for almost 10 years and it’s still the best! Thank you!

Submitted 2/22/2018

I've been shopping with BAF for maybe close to a decade now, and they are, by far, the best there is.

Submitted 2/22/2018

love your customer service!! you guys rock and i always tell people about your products!!!

Submitted 2/21/2018

I love your website, buy all my earrings from you, love the selection and love the quality

Submitted 2/19/2018

I love this site! I have been a loyal customer for years, and I will always come here first.

Submitted 2/12/2018

You guys are the best place to order jewelry from. I have been ordering from you guys for year. Super fast processing and super speedy shipping. Absolutely amazing. I go nowhere else.

Submitted 2/11/2018

Your company is perfect compared to many. I will always suggest your site to friends and piercers for any need. I appreciate this site to the moon and back.

Submitted 2/11/2018

I've done business with Bodyartforms several times in the past and you're always the first online store I recommend to friends interested in piercings. Couldn't be happier with the service I've received. <3

Submitted 2/11/2018

I love you guys! Great jewelry, great prices, and when I have had need of it great customer service. I hope to be a life long customer. Thanks for your hard work.

Submitted 2/8/2018

I just wanted to let you know how much I love BAF. You always have what I am looking for at great prices. My experience with customer service was also great; you were very patient with me and my delay in emails due to anxiety during the exchange process. I was also pleasantly surprised that shipping was still so fast when I moved to Hawai'i. Any time someone complements my jewelry, I recommend your website.

Submitted 2/7/2018

My only comment is that BAF is great! I've purchased from here for a number of years and I've always been very happy with the site, products, and service. YAY BAF!

Submitted 2/6/2018

i've been using this site for YEARS. always great stuff, and super easy to find just what i'm looking for at a reasonable price. keep up the excellent work!

Submitted 2/6/2018

Love love love bodyartforms!! They have unbeatable prices and a selection to match. You can spend hours looking at their easy to navigate website. Plus they always say 7-14 day shipping and it’s never taken more than 4-5 days to arrive. I recommend bodyartforms to everyone I know, once they try it one time they’re hooked!

Submitted 2/6/2018

I have been shopping with BAF for about 13 years, web site is great, I love that you can filter searches it makes it much easier to find exactly what you need.

Submitted 2/6/2018

I love this site so much! My orders always come quickly and I get so many discounts for shopping on here over the years.

Submitted 2/4/2018

Very easy. Love this site and products offered. Only place I order jewelry from online!

Submitted 2/4/2018

i love the website this is my third time ordering from you guys i will continue using you guys for all my body jewelry thanks again and keep up the quality service

Submitted 2/4/2018

Looks AWESOME now! best jewelry site ever, been shopping for probably the bigger half of a decade, or maybe more at this point. keep it up!

Submitted 2/2/2018

This is the only website I buy body jewelry from. Site is easy to use, prices are good, always get my stuff pretty quickly. A

Submitted 2/1/2018

I've ordered form you guys multiple times and I have yet been let down! Thank you and keep up the good work and customer service!

Submitted 1/31/2018

I always love to order from BAF. It’s the only place I will order my jewelry from

Submitted 1/30/2018

Thank u so much for being a consistent excellent company to order and receive products from. I have been a customer since 2007 and will continue to purchase from you. Thanks.

Submitted 1/30/2018

Hey BAF! I love your site and have worn all my body jewelry from here for 8 years straight :) its just that good!! Keep it up

Submitted 1/29/2018

3rd time ordering in a month. Very satisfied with quality and price of septum clickers!! Great selection and fast shipping. Thank you so much!!!!’

Submitted 1/28/2018

I absolutely love your site! I've been a customer for 10 years. You havea great selection on jewelry with great prices and shipping is quick!

Submitted 1/28/2018

I love this website the jewelry is great quality and affordable. I have never been disappointed. I have bought jewelry for myself, friends, and family they all love it.

Submitted 1/26/2018

I really like your web site and the variety of jewelry that you have. you are my go to site for piercing jewelry.

Submitted 1/25/2018

BAF is my go-to for jewelry. Great selection, fast shipping, good product and the stickers aren't a bad touch either.

Submitted 1/24/2018

Hands down, BAF is my favorite shop, online or otherwise, for body jewelry. The products are always well-made, easy to shop, and delivered crazy fast. I have, and will continue to recommended anyone looking for body jewelry to check out BAF. You guys rock!

Submitted 1/24/2018

I always shop at this site, LOVE everything I get

Submitted 1/22/2018

You guys always take such great care of me. I recommend you to people regularly and will no longer buy earrings any place else! Adore your company

Submitted 1/16/2018

Use this site exclusively to buy all my jewelry, won't even look at other sites because the price and selection that I get here as well as the amazing customer service has left me with no reason to go anywhere else. I feel safe every time shop here and I know that these are quality products. Everyone who helps keep this site running is doing an amazing job!