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Submitted 7/21/2016

It's too early for me to write a review from my order because you guys are awesome!!!! My package came super fast to New York from Texas(2 days I believe). I've been with you guys for years and will be forever. If I ever close my lobes I will find another piercing just to stay with you guys. I used to order from shifty websites when I first starting stretching and it took forever for me to receive my package. It was disappointing when I finally got the package to realize the materials were horrible. I'm so happy I found your website. Your prices are beyond fair for everything that you sell. The materials and quality are perfect. And you also let us know what type of item your buying and what it can entail even if a customer doesn't know the organic materials can vary or an item is plastic. Thank you for educating me as I've gone threw my stretching process and offering a variety of everything. I wanted to thank Jackie who packaged my order and personalized my work order. I ordered a pair of Tawapa horn oval spirals and I left comments on them being as close to perfect as possible if possible and she gave me the most perfect pair. Thank you so much Jackie they are truly perfect! I also wanted to thank Anna Guerrero for replying to my comments on order. Thank you so much you guys are awesome and really care about your customers and the quality you provide. I will forever shop with you guys.

Submitted 6/26/2016

I just wanted to thank you guys for being such an amazing website, you have the most extensive stock I've ever seen and your prices are always extremely reasonable. You're the only people I've ever bought body jewelry in something like 8 years, since I first started to get multiple piercings. You guys are the best. :) <3

Submitted 6/24/2016

This company rocks - every time I request a specific color scheme and pattern on my plugs (I always buy stone) my expectations are exceeded. Just wanted to reach out and say keep up the good work - I have been a customer for years and will continue to utilize and refer this company :-)

Submitted 5/24/2016

Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the customer service I received from Body Art Forms! It was very prompt, polite and helpful and I am so pleased with my order! I'm from New Zealand and you can't buy piercing jewellery that is anywhere near as pretty, high quality and good value here, so I really appreciate that you ship to NZ!

Submitted 5/12/2016

love ordering from baf you guys are hands down my favorite website and always satisfy my plug addiction ,I visit your website almost every single day just to drool over your stock. I've even gotten piercings done just because i saw a piece on your website that I had to have but would have had no where to put. you guys are really awesome cant say a single bad thing about you guys and I'm always recommending friends to your website.

Submitted 5/12/2016

You guys are sooo awesome, i know that you cant reply to the customer comments but i was definitely not expecting to be sent so many stickers!!!!!!!! You don't even know how much that made my day and the little note in highlighter just set me in a happy mood for a week and i couldn't stop talking about how awesome you all are, thank you. :) :) :)

Submitted 5/9/2016

I live in a place where there is a serious lack of good, affordable body jewelry and I had been looking at giving up on my dream of stretching my lobes or even changing out my boring standard body jewelry. Until I found BAF! Now I've built up a bit of a collection, and become a semi-regular reader of the forums. Good products and access to information equal awesome in my books. It's no wonder I recommend BAF to everybody I know :)

Submitted 5/5/2016

I just want to say Body Art Forms has the best customer service of any jewelry/accessory company I've ever purchased from. So thank you for that! I will always keep coming back to you guys.

Submitted 5/2/2016

I love all of the changes and improvements you guys have made to your website. When I first found you guys years ago I was hesitant to buy, but my experience with BAF in the past year won me over completely. Your products are unique and good quality, often better quality than I expect. Your return policy and procedure is reasonable and easy to understand, you accurately represent what the product looks like on your website, I have never received anything even organic materials that looked drastically or disappointingly different from what is being advertised. Frequent sales make it possible for me to obtain those more pricey special pieces that I want. I love that you offer points for feedback, something free with every order, and the option to request no extra cards or plastic. Orders arrive on time and accurate, you are my go to place for plugs and tunnels, worth every dime I spent here :) If anything I only wish you carried more lengths in labret posts, and barbells then i wouldn't have to go to the other places with crappy customer service to get them lol. Great job all around, keep it up!

Submitted 5/3/2016

I had some issues with my order, and the woman I spoke with via customer service was awesome, very helpful! I don't recall her name, but she was very friendly and fixed all my issues quickly and easily, great customer service, will def buy from you guys again!

Submitted 5/2/2016

You guys rock and have always given me great customer service! I will continue to shop with BAF for my piercing needs :) Keep up the great work!

Submitted 4/23/2016

You guys rock! Been using you for years, and never had a problem! Wish I could give you a big 'ol sloppy kiss!.....but that would be awkward unless I buy you dinner first.

Submitted 4/20/2016

I have been ordering from BAF FOR years! They have always been great to work with. If there is an issue, they are quick to reconcile. The products they offer are numerous and are quick to get items back in stock. The personal requests are always heard. I do not order anywhere else for my body jewelry. Hands down, they are THE best!!

Submitted 3/28/2016

I just wanted to give you a HUGE thank you! I ordered all my goodies basically at midnight NYC time on 3/22 and was happy to have them in my mailbox in 2 days!!!!! (2 DAYS!!!!) and that was with free shipping. Also-I love, love your people who are picking our orders! I always get a note especially when I beg them to please try to match the colours as closely to black as much as possible (especially on wood pieces)... In this order Jackie places a little note " :) Best pairs!" I would love to think they go through this because as your BAF customers they want us to be as happy as possible. Jackie did a beautiful job matching my jewelry and bringing a little smile to my face and the piece of mind that I know she did her absolute best to get me what I wanted. She is pretty darn awesome! I don't know where you are growing your employees but you are hiring some really great people-Thank you for getting my order to me super fast, getting beautifully matched pairs and hiring some awesome people... Thank you Thank you.... Kristan...

Submitted 3/14/2016

I first want to start with saying since I found you guys online I go no where else for my alternative jewelry needs!!! I want to thank you for matching my amethyst as I requested!!! They are so perfect. I hope one day to work for a company that excepts me as am and not have to remove any part of me to be accepted. The jewelry your company offers makes me feel like me. So thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Submitted 3/1/2016

A special thanks to Danielle for the amount of care and bubble wrap that was used. Though the package was destroyed, (thanks usps), its contents remained in perfect condition.

Submitted 3/1/2016

I apparently ordered the wrong size plugs and Anna was extremely helpful. That one interaction made me a return customer and advocate for BAF. =)

Submitted 3/1/2016

I'm enjoying the influx of Rose Gold! I also appreciate the fact that more items are in stock as opposed to pre-order. Keep up the good work.

Submitted 3/1/2016

So far I've got nothing but great things to say to you guys.... Thanks for all that you've done / all that you continue to do

Submitted 3/1/2016

I absolutely loved this order I made and just made my 2nd order last night!!! I will definitely be back more!!!! BAF fan!!! And also have to mention that, I'm from Lubbock, TX and I received my order in 2 days!! That was exciting!!! I thought it was at least going to take a week and I was surprised when the mail man knocked on the door!! ??

Submitted 2/25/2016

You know, thanks to you guys I have an amazing collection of jewelry. There are people who work in establishments I frequent who, if they cannot see my ears, almost always ask me to show them what I have in when they see me. Also nobody suggests that I might regret stretching anymore. Anyhow. I am glad you guys are here. Aside from the fact that if I bought from piercers I would have spent a great deal more, you guys have a selection that cannot be beat by any piercing shop I have ever seen.

Submitted 2/25/2016

Anna Guerrero gave me excellent customer service and I was impressed at the lengths she went to to find information for me. Thank you so much. <3

Submitted 2/18/2016

I love you guys. I may have only recently bothered to make an account, but I've been a customer for years now. BAF always has what I'm looking for, ships as fast as possible, and has regular sales too! I frequently recommend BAF to friends, family, and strangers on the street asking about my jewelry.

Submitted 2/18/2016

I've said it before and I'll say it again also a pleasure doing work with you guys from selection to customer service to packaging love this site. Seen other imitators and wanna be's but promise, nothing can or ever will compare so no completion or fear what so ever from these so called "rivals" or imitators. Keep it up !!!

Submitted 2/18/2016

As usual, always satisfied with the service from this website and the quality of every item I receive. I never have any complaints. Have finally had a chance to recommend this site to a friend and they are impressed! Hopefully you just got another regular customer!

Submitted 2/18/2016

Your approach to customer experience is excellent. Your stock is vast and for the love of Cthulu the jewelry is gorgeous. Big up on your social media staff who has interacted back with me, that's a huge plus. Keep up and I'm excited to make my next purchase.

Submitted 2/18/2016

This was my first set of plugs, aside from the steel taper kit and the tunnels it came with. I came across your site through google and it helped me so much. Your website is informational and the reviews from the other customers were so helpful. I also like seeing the different companies you work with and it's nice that you threw in some O-rings for free. Thanks!

Submitted 2/11/2016

I asked for the person who packaged the order to "please ensure the Zebra Jasper plugs have both white and black colors." Mike TOTALLY DELIVERED! He also wrote a note letting me know i got the best pair. Please thank Mike for me and give him a 15% raise. Thanks again for hooking me up. The plugs are excellent and were literally exactly what i wanted.

Submitted 2/5/2016

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the selections of plugs. I asked you to pick colorfully interesting ones and you absolutely did! They're simply awesome! They came today and I'm wearing a pair right now! You definitely have a loyal customer here! I plaster your stickers everywhere :-)

Submitted 1/29/2016

I have placed several orders without making an account, and figured I'd finally get around to making one. Your site made it not only possible to add orders placed before I had an account on to my account, but made it super easy! Simple, intuitive customer service like that can be hard to come by. AND it looks like my latest order was delivered today! Thank you again!

Submitted 1/26/2016

BAF has been my go-to for body jewelry for years now, and not once have I had a bad experience. So, truly thank you for the great products, even better prices, and of course such amazing customer service! I'll always refer people to BAF!!

Submitted 1/25/2016

Just wanna say how much I love this site. Extremely easy to use, very affordable jewelry, and super quick shipping! 6 out of 5 stars! Thanks for keeping it real.

Submitted 1/8/2016

I want to give you folks a Huge THANK-YOU for being awesome, and having an awesome on-line jewelry store, of course! BAF is the only store on the internet(that I know of) that literally has something for everyone… Happy New Year’s to Everyone at BAF! BAF RULES!??

Submitted 12/18/2015

I really just wanted to let you all know that I'm always so super pleased by the quality of your service. :) I got my order faster than any other site I order from and the products I received are beautiful. I'm so glad there are people like you who do what you do :) I wish there was a way I could give you guys/girls a 5 star review because I would most definitely would. :) have a great holiday season all you beautiful people. <3

Submitted 12/9/2015

Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job. I've been a customer for about 7 years now (3 years with my current account as I used to share an account with an ex) and my customer experience has always been perfect. The webstore runs well, the checkout process has never failed and and every single order has arrived on time and has been exactly what I ordered. So a big THANK YOU

Submitted 11/24/2015

I felt it necessary to take the time to share my love for this company. I get excited just ordering from this site because of the great quality, affordable prices and large selection. This is my go to site for jewelry and I wanted to share my love for this company. Stay awesome!

Submitted 11/17/2015

I mentioned that part of my order was a gift and received two little gift bags along with my order, which was a lovely touch.

Submitted 11/17/2015

I've had nothing but good experiences with you all. You're the only site I've found that has consistent (customer provided) pictures and reviews, a great forum, and quality products. I've recommended several friends to you, and if I find something on another site that I like, I check to see if you have it so I can support you all as much as possible. Thank you.

Submitted 11/17/2015

You all are so wonderful! I truly mean it and i feel so privileged to be apart of this community. The quality and large assortment of inventory you have is amazing. Thank you so much for giving the opportunity for others to safely learn about jewelry and its native origins. Much love to you all. I definitely feel the love in return. :) You all stay righteous :) much love!

Submitted 11/17/2015

My experience with this site on my first order has been fantastic and I will definitely be making more orders! Thanks for all your hard work :)

Submitted 11/17/2015

I LOVE BAF!! This is the best website to order pugs and more. Everything is perfect with this site. I like the products, the prices, the costumers service, etc. Every time I come on the website I order some thing i just cannot resist!

Submitted 11/13/2015

I've been a customer for many years and can't fault a thing, ever!!! So good that you're now the only place I buy jewellery from, and I'm over in the UK.

Submitted 11/13/2015

Everything on my order was correct, as I had ordered it. I made the (stupid) mistake of just "guesstimating," my sizes. Customer service was so fast and friendly. Best and easiest return I've ever done.

Submitted 11/13/2015

I refuse to buy body jewelry from anywhere but BAF. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WIDE SELECTION AND REASONABLE PRICES.

Submitted 11/13/2015

Love BAF! Besides the customer service being great and stocking lots of lovely items, I wanted to mention how much I enjoy how easy the sidebar search filters are to use. I particularly love being able to easily search by gauge, flare type, and material.

Submitted 11/13/2015

I recently bought a pair of plugs elsewhere, and then found the exact same style on BAF, but in a cheaper, yet better, higher quality! I will never stray again.

Submitted 11/12/2015

When I placed my order I put in a request on one of my earrings.. I must say the BAF team has gone above and beyond my expectations once again. I have to say I love this site and will be the only place I will ever order my earrings from!

Submitted 11/12/2015

I am always amused by random sticker color that matched with the jewelry in package. This time, I get yellow sticker with my sky blue plugs, the color of Swedish flag, where I love!

Submitted 11/12/2015

I've been ordering from your website for years now and I've always been extremely happy with your service. Orders are always shipped super fast and I've never had a single problem. Thank you as always!

Submitted 11/12/2015

Fantastic shopping experience as per usual! Even the 'blemished' items turned out rather superb! Thank you all :]