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Customer testimonials
Submitted 3/30/2015
man, you guys are on point!! that last package got here way sooner than I was expecting and even better you went out of your way to personalize my receipt with a smiley face, which I love, and even picked out the best pair of rock crystal plugs, even tho every product I've received from this site has been of great quality and shipping is always timely. just wanted to let you know that you're definitely the best site around for body jewelry and I am a life long customer for sure. keep up the awesomeness :).

Submitted 3/27/2015
Customer service way beyond what I would expect. I love shopping with BAF, the selection and quality is always superb. There isn't that much room for improvement as I'm usually 100% satisfied with my BAF experience but this level of customer service makes the experience that much better. Thank you!

Submitted 3/27/2015
Overall good experience with BAF! I really like how you guys add in free stuff and I have recieved jewelry for free that I ended up really liking. I recommend BAF to all my friends who are into body jewelry. I was pleasently surprised by shipping time to Canada because I had heard it took quite a while for some people, but only took 1 and a half weeks for me.

Submitted 3/27/2015
I have been working in a warehouse atmosphere for the last couple of years, and because of liberal nature of the company, many of my coworkers are modified. I always recommend this site, because it's my most favorite place to shop online. Whenever I look at BAF I always feel like I need more work done so I can wear even more of your awesome jewelry in my body!!

Submitted 3/25/2015
Always love your guys' service. Even if I typically get the normal shipping, I feel as though I still receive the product really quickly. This website honestly is always going to be my go-to website

Submitted 3/25/2015
I did contact Melissa with a question about a product online for my next order, she was very helpful and responded in a timely and friendly manner. Thank You for your wonderful customer service!!!

Submitted 3/25/2015
I will only buy from BAF! You never disappoint! From the time I start browsing the wonderful selection, until it arrives on my doorstep only days later, and everything in between, I always have a fun, easy, exciting experience with BAF that I recommend to everyone

Submitted 3/25/2015
I adore BAF! I recommend you to my friends every time someone mentions jewelry. You've got the best prices and the best selection. Thank you for the copious amounts of awesome!

Submitted 3/24/2015
Thanks so so much for the gifted store credit, replacing the mismatched pair of eyelets, and just for being my favorite online retailer :) You guys are really the best and I have nothing but the nicest things to say about you. Only store I've ever bought body jewelry from and ever will !

Submitted 3/24/2015
Brilliant friendly service :oD I learned about this website through Google and Youtube, I am very happy with what you carry and I will continue to purchase from bodyartforms.

Submitted 3/23/2015
This was my first purchase from, and was very pleased with the quality of customer service they provided me with. I purchased a pair of 2.47 oz Barong brass ear weights from Oracle, and they were everything I was looking for as described in the website. Again I'm very satisfied with my purchase. They feel great, the weight is just enough so I so know they're working without being uncomfortable, and look amazing. Every one I see tells me how much they like them. Thank you so much, and I'll be back for some more purchases in the near future.

Submitted 3/23/2015
I recommend BAF to people looking for body jewelry. Between the selection of products, the prices, the free items, the SUPER fast delivery, and the AMAZING customer service, I don't shop anywhere else!

Submitted 3/19/2015
I am so happy with BAF. I will definitely shop with you again. I only ordered pre order anatomet jewelry, and Melissa was great! The jewelry is amazing and I am so glad I found a place to get it!

Submitted 3/19/2015
I've been shopping with BAF exclusively for body jewellery and plugs for over a year now, and haven't gone anywhere else! I've never had any problems ordering and every purchase has been a great one! You guys are fantastic, keep it up ^_^

Submitted 3/19/2015
I think you guys have an awesome site with really reasonable prices. I spend so much time looking at all the different plugs - I may be obsessed. I'll surely continue to order from you.

Submitted 3/17/2015
I've been shopping at BAF for years since I first started stretching, and you guys have been absolutely amazing. Almost every experience I have of getting modifications, be it piercings or tattoos, has been supplemented by items you offer. I'll continue shopping here forever!

Submitted 3/17/2015
I absolutely love BAF and won't buy body jewelry from anywhere else. Consistently, my orders arrive quickly, packaged well, and all products have met or even far exceeded my expectations. Every interaction I have had with company personnel has been professional, well-handled, and nothing short of stellar. I get compliments on my jewelry all the time, and I have no hesitations recommending them to your site. Thanks so much for your hard work, BAF!

Submitted 3/17/2015
BAF customer service is fantastic! I ordered a pair of plugs but they measured differently than what I ordered, so I contacted CS and they sent out a correct replacement for free :) Very happy with BAF, as always! Thank you!

Submitted 3/17/2015
I just wanted to take a moment and let you guys know how pleased I am with my recent purchase! I made a request for a cloudy milky pair of opalite plugs and I received exactly that! Thank you for taking the time to fulfill my request so perfectly! I will definitely be purchasing my plugs and whatnots from you guys in the near future! Your website is also super easy and my go to spot for information! Thank you and have an awesome day!

Submitted 3/13/2015
I'm always pleased with my purchases from BAF, as they are careful on how they pack and ship their items. I have never received an incorrect item ... everything has always been perfect and exactly what I ordered. Thanks, BAF!

Submitted 3/13/2015
Despite being in the UK, BAF is the best place to buy jewellery and my orders arrive before some websites in the UK. Thank you! Keep it up!!

Submitted 3/11/2015
I am a big fan of your website and I've always enjoyed the process of ordering jewellery from you. The interactions I had with your customer service were always super friendly and I've wholeheartedly recommended your shop to some of my friends.

Submitted 3/10/2015
You guys are awesome! Always super fast delivery and never had problems ever! Recommend you to anyone who wants some nice plugs of all kind! Keep up the great work BAF! :)

Submitted 3/10/2015
I had placed this order, but afterwards noticed that the flares on the fused dichroic magenta plugs could be up to 3mm larger according to the description. I contacted BAF immediately after reading that. A hold was placed on my order until it was worked out. Anna Rocha helped me out and I'm happy to say that the plugs fit just fine. I love them! Thank you!

Submitted 3/10/2015
I loved my first intial experience with BAF. The quality of the jewlery is great, and they always arrive at my house within two days with the priority mail option from USPS, which I love since I'm impatient. I will forever be a returning customer! :) Keep up the good work.

Submitted 3/9/2015
As always, I'm in love with this site in every way. The people behind its inner workings are completely brilliant, and I can't imagine buying my jewelry anywhere else. I wish I knew how to better thank everyone.

Submitted 3/9/2015
I've been a customer for a long time and BAF has continuous, excellent customer services, a great selection of jewelry, and amazing ways to get discounts and free stuff!

Submitted 3/9/2015
Thanks for the lightning fast delivery which is always packaged perfectly and with no damage! Also thanks for the permanent 10% discount loyalty program, it's a huge reason why I started and will only shop with BAF!

Submitted 3/9/2015
I love this website because I can find cheap jewelry and the shipping, even if long, is really cheap too. But it's always good quality items! I recommended this website to all my friends and I always use this one.

Submitted 3/5/2015
Will keep coming back! My browser crashed so my purchase was processed twice. Customer service was great and my situation was handled! Great jewelry and nice people. Love it :) thanks guys

Submitted 3/5/2015
So happy with this order! It took a month and a half before I received it this morning but that was kind of what I'd expect for a pre-order; anyway I immediately wore all of the jewelry in my piercings and they're all so beautiful and comfortable! This was definitely a great pre-order experience and will soon be 'pre-ordering' again!

Submitted 3/4/2015
Customer service (on the one occasion I've had call to contact them) is excellent and the site offers a really unique purchasing experience. Quality that you can count on is difficult to come across. BAF gives you reliability and quality at extremely reasonable prices.

Submitted 3/4/2015
Just got my first order from you guys. Had to order 7 gauge plugs as I just couldn't get to 6g without it feeling like I would tear. I just want to say great quality and fastest shipping I have ever received! You guys rock! ??

Submitted 2/27/2015
I just want to say, that I absolutely love the service I get with BAF! I have never had an issue with either the products or the service. Any time I've had to contact you with a question, I've been met with respect and true willingness to help and see that I remain a happy customer. Which I have, and return to shop again and again. Not just me, but my friends as well. I'm happy to say, anyone that I've referred to you has been extremely pleased as well. So thank you, and keep up the good work!

Submitted 2/27/2015
always the best! i don't shop anywhere else. been with you guys for about a decade :) thank you!

Submitted 2/26/2015
Thank you so much for your excellent service, prices, and products, I'm so happy with this site! Although my stretching journey may be coming to an end, I'm definitely not going to stop buying my jewelry here!

Submitted 2/26/2015
You guys are fantastic. Thanks to you guys I get to be cute and girly even with my piercings and stretched lobes! Plus the you guys ship really fast so my spoiled ass self doesn't have to wait ages for my goodies! Thank you so much for being awesome!

Submitted 2/26/2015
BAF products always exceed my expectations! I'm a broke college student, so I can't afford anything majorly expensive and I'm used to crappy jewelry. But BAF provides amazing options for all price ranges.

Submitted 2/26/2015
This is one of my favorite jewelry sites. I just started stretching in January, and this site gives me so many options as far as jewelry style. It also gives me guidance as I am still relatively new to stretching. Thanks for everything!

Submitted 2/20/2015
I love BAF!I absolutely love this site, it has the widest selection of jewelry I have ever seen. I also love the wide selection of jewelry made of natural materials such as various forms of wood and bone.

Submitted 2/20/2015
You guys are awesome! Always super fast delivery and never had problems ever! Recommend you to anyone who wants some nice plugs of all kind!

Submitted 2/20/2015
This is my go to site for body jewelry now that I have found it. Your prices are unbeatable, especially considering the quality. Love the little stickers and the free o-rings - other companies just don't get that packaging and customer service go a long way. You guys take good care of your customers, and I know I am not the only one who appreciates it! Will be coming here for years to come.

Submitted 2/18/2015
I had placed this order, but afterwards noticed that the flares on the fused dichroic magenta plugs could be up to 3mm larger according to the description. I contacted BAF immediately after reading that. A hold was placed on my order until it was worked out. Anna Rocha helped me out and I'm happy to say that the plugs fit just fine. I love them! Thank you!

Submitted 2/18/2015
Love you guys!!! I am a long time customer created this account so boyfriend couldn't snoop through his gifts and surprise just because jewelry :) keep up the great work

Submitted 2/18/2015
Shipping was really fast to the UK and such a reasonable price! It was cheaper international than standard post WITHIN the UK is! The plugs I ordered were lovely and a dark pair like I asked for :)

Submitted 2/18/2015
I've been ordering from this site for years and have always been impressed with the selection and hassle-free transactions. I recently had to contact customer service to change a preorder and I was helped very promptly, and now my order will be perfect when it comes in. I couldn't be happier with the service from BAF. Always friendly, always fast, I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Submitted 2/17/2015
I'm very pleased with all 3 orders I have made with baf. Quality of jewellery from neometal and anatometal is superb. Shipping to the uk has been very quick and I've been delighted with Melissa when I had to contact customer services on a previous occasion.

Submitted 2/17/2015
I like it very much that you have a wide range of products. I've ordered some really nice high grade plugs from you but also acrylic. I'm now awaiting my custom made Industrial Strength pieces. It's very nice that you offer these kinds of service.

Submitted 2/17/2015
I loved my first intial experience with BAF. The quality of the jewlery is great, and they always arrive at my house within two days with the priority mail option from USPS, which I love since I'm impatient. I will forever be a returning customer! :) Keep up the good work.

Submitted 2/16/2015
I have never dealt with a company that makes me feel more valued as a customer. You guys are the best!!!! Every time I have had an issue, you've been more than happy to resolve it or issue a refund or whatever. A hug to each and every one of you! I rave about you to all of my friends and coworkers.

Submitted 2/16/2015
Will keep coming back! My browser crashed so my purchase was processed twice. Customer service was great and my situation was handled! Great jewelry and nice people. Love it :) thanks guys

Submitted 2/16/2015
So happy with this order! It took a month and a half before I received it this morning but that was kind of what I'd expect for a pre-order; anyway I immediately wore all of the jewelry in my piercings and they're all so beautiful and comfortable! This was definitely a great pre-order experience and will soon be 'pre-ordering' again!

Submitted 2/16/2015
I've been ordering from this site exclusively for a while and in my personal humble opinion this site has the best prices on premium body jewelry. It also has had a way of making hard to procure items easy. I submitted an out of stock question within a week the item was procured and within the next procured. Grade A Customer service will do business with over again in the future. And thank you,

Submitted 2/16/2015
As always BAF is the best place to get body jewelry. Shout out to customer service especially Anna Rocha who has helped me numerous times! Customer for life

Submitted 2/13/2015
Thanks again you guys are amazing it's pretty rare for companies to be so good to their customers and around where we live ( army post ) finding any businesses that are even half as nice is a chore !!!

Submitted 2/13/2015
Thank you! Love your forums and wishlist functions. The more I shop your website and use your features, the more I love the experience of ordering through you.

Submitted 2/13/2015
Amazing customer service, I asked for a picture of a cat somewhere on my stuff and they delivered! A lovely hand drawn cat was included, courtesy of Mike!This website is just downright amazing! I'm always so satisfied with the products I order and your prices and shipping time is wonderful. I know I'll be shopping here for the rest of my you guys!

Submitted 2/13/2015
Shipping was really fast to the UK and such a reasonable price! It was cheaper international than standard post WITHIN the UK is! The plugs I ordered were lovely and a dark pair like I asked for :)

Submitted 2/12/2015
Will keep coming back! My browser crashed so my purchase was processed twice. Customer service was great and my situation was handled! Great jewelry and nice people. Love it :) thanks guys

Submitted 2/12/2015
Thanks so so much for the gifted store credit, replacing the mismatched pair of eyelets, and just for being my favorite online retailer :) You guys are really the best and I have nothing but the nicest things to say about you. Only store I've ever bought body jewelry from and ever will !

Submitted 2/12/2015
I loved my first intial experience with BAF. The quality of the jewlery is great, and they always arrive at my house within two days with the priority mail option from USPS, which I love since I'm impatient. I will forever be a returning customer! :) Keep up the good work.

Submitted 2/12/2015
Just to let you know, I always have a great experience ordering from you, and I've been doing so since 2002. Thank you for doing everything you do,

Submitted 2/11/2015
I absolutely LOVE BAF and wish I would have made an account earlier on for orders that I had made before this! I love the fact that you offer discounts after a certain dollar amount.

Submitted 2/11/2015
You have a good range of options, and even though most of what I'll require is custom-order, you have a good range for that, too, so overall, rather pleased. Your customer service is great and the ladies on the phone are very understanding and patient. Thank you!

Submitted 2/11/2015
I have been a customer for YEARS and I have to say that ordering jewelry here is always one of the best experiences ever. The jewelry is rarely disappointing (I can only think of one instance I was really let down), the shipping is amazing, and the prices are great. This company is just amazing and I honestly cannot say enough great things about BAF

Submitted 2/10/2015
I really appreciate the guage cards sent with orders, And I REALLY appreciate the fact that I'm able to order quality jewelry instead of going to an APP qualified piercer. Thank you for existing.

Submitted 2/10/2015
Really impressed with this one guys. I jumped on a sale and got a mountain of stuff, and everything I received is amazing. I even asked for some specific things, like small flares and matching patterns, and you delivered on every single one. Will definitely be recommending BAF to everyone I know!

Submitted 2/10/2015
You guys are awesome! Some of my favorite jewelry I've ever ordered in this order! Anna from customer service was very helpful and polite and lovely so big thankyou to her and everyone else at BAF <3 thankyou

Submitted 2/6/2015
Customer service keeps getting better with you guys. I hate buying jewlery from anywhere else because you guys set the bar so high. :)

Submitted 2/6/2015
As always, thank you all for being so incredibly including and wonderful! I've never had a bad experience with BAF, and I don't ever see myself having one! I can never visit this site without falling in love with at least one piece, and I can never leave without promising myself I'll be back again soon. My absolute favourite, and only, place to get jewelry!

Submitted 2/6/2015
You guys are absolutely wonderful! Your service level and consideration for your customers is outstanding! Every time someone asks me where I buy my nose rings or plugs, I am happy to direct them toward you. :)

Submitted 2/5/2015
Just got my order and these plugs are perfect for my everyday work plugs and they arrived 2 days before I expected. Thanks again I will do business with you again FOSHO

Submitted 2/5/2015
Consistently 100% impressed every time I receive an order in the mail. You guys are life savers! I recommend this site to anyone I talk jewelry with.

Submitted 2/5/2015
BAF is by far the best in customer service when it comes to online shopping (LUSH wins for in-store haha) I will always purchase my jewelry from BAF and think you guys are a great group of people :) My order arrived quickly and safely and the teardrops are a huge hit! Thanks for being so awesome!

Submitted 2/5/2015
Overall good experience with BAF! I really like how you guys add in free stuff and I have recieved jewelry for free that I ended up really liking. I recommend BAF to all my friends who are into body jewelry. I was pleasently surprised by shipping time to Canada because I had heard it took quite a while for some people, but only took 1 and a half weeks for me.

Submitted 2/5/2015
As always, I'm in love with this site in every way. The people behind its inner workings are completely brilliant, and I can't imagine buying my jewelry anywhere else. I wish I knew how to better thank everyone.

Submitted 2/5/2015
I've been a customer for a long time and BAF has continuous, excellent customer services, a great selection of jewelry, and amazing ways to get discounts and free stuff!

Submitted 2/4/2015
I have been working in a warehouse atmosphere for the last couple of years, and because of liberal nature of the company, many of my coworkers are modified. I always recommend this site, because it's my most favorite place to shop online. Whenever I look at BAF I always feel like I need more work done so I can wear even more of your awesome jewelry in my body!!

Submitted 2/4/2015
BAF's staff is friendly and they actually reply to email inquiries. For me ... that's more important than either the sale or purchase ... good and reliable Customer Service. That's why I keep coming back to BAF! Many thanks! You guys are awesome! I plan on buying all my piercing related stuff from you guys for a long long time.

Submitted 2/4/2015
Love the prompt shipping, and the wide range of jewelry selection! Always know you've got a return customer! Keep it up guys! Thanks for always being awesome!

Submitted 1/28/2015
WOW! Talk about going above and beyond for customer service! I sincerely appreciate this and I will be so happy to keep buying in the future with that added note in my orders. Thank you so so much!

Submitted 1/28/2015
I just wanted to say that the BAF employees are awesome! I asked for some festive doodles on my box for Christmas and I got quite the holiday package when it arrived! Thank you and stay awesome :)

Submitted 1/2/2015
Bodyartforms has always amazed me. From the products it offers to the customer service! Everything I have received has been a quality product and I have never once been mislead by untrue photos or cheesy marketing gimmicks. I recently put a comment on an order for a drawing of a cat picture and I unfolded the invoice to see an adorably drawn kitty! I'm still a very happy customer.

Submitted 10/31/2014
Your customer service team is phenomenal and did everything they could to resolve my issue. I will continue to bring my service to your website and truly appreciate not only your great jewelry, but wonderful customer service! Thanks guys!

Submitted 7/24/2014
I have been ordering from BAF for about 11 years now... for all my body jewelry needs BAF is the first place I look. Thank b you SoOoOoOoO much for being the best company out there. Not only is there an amazing cost and eco friendly assortment of products, but I have never had any customer service better than what I have received from BAF. . And I'm not being fake at all.. Your always there when I need some good retail therapy, or I've swallowed yet ANOTHER tongue bead. THANK YOU BAF!

Submitted 7/14/2014
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the help all the folks at BAF have been giving me :) orders come fast and everything is always perfect ! Anything needs adjusting on a order, and there are on it, sorting it quick as ;) Thanks all <3 blessings

Submitted 7/14/2014
Just wanted to say you guys are awesome your the only place I order all my jewelry from keep up the awesome work thanks!!!

Submitted 7/3/2014
I wanted to say how much I love BAF, I often get compliments or questions on where I get my body jewelry and I ALWAYS say BAF. I've never heard of anyone being dissatisfied, and the friends (or even strangers) I refer are always pleased. I've been ordering from BAF for about 8 years maybe, I just recently got an account (I didn't know how easy it was to sign up, and I was young), and I'm so happy with all the cool styles, great quality and low prices. Not even insane shipping charges, and very quick! I recall on this last order, I put my confirmation in and my shipping was supposed to take 12-14days I believe, and 5 or 6 days later I had my purchase in my mailbox!!! Love BAF!!!!

Submitted 5/29/2014
I've never had anything less than amazing service from everyone at BAF. :)

Submitted 5/22/2014
Hi there! I just wanted to say thank you for making online jewelry shopping super easy. I love that you guys range from inexpensive to quality choices and plus a super large selection to choose from! Okay that's it :)

Submitted 5/20/2014
BAF why are you so amazing? your general care and amazing products make me happy. Keep up the awesome work.

Submitted 5/1/2014
Just wanted to say I'm am always so impressed by your customer service. BAF is one off the best companies I have ever dealt with :)

Submitted 4/23/2014
You guys are really the most incredible people. I really really appreciate it I haven't actually ever experienced the service you all give. I tell all my friends to order from u and now have even more reason to back u up. Endless gratitude u really changed my outlook on business!

Submitted 4/3/2014
I LOVE you guys! You have the best selection, super fast shipping (though I'm sure it helps that I live in Texas!) and my jewelry always comes clean, sealed, well packaged and padded, and best of all, IN ONE PIECE! I never buy my gauged jewelry anywhere else! You always have everything I'm looking for. I usually spend hours on your site trying to narrow it down so I don't blow all of my money on jewelry, you guys just have so many options! No one else comes close to you guys when it comes to selection and the quality of jewelry you carry.

Submitted 3/21/2014
Hi BAF! I just wanted to say that I have had amazing experiences with your site and your shop. The customer service is always top-notch, and you always go above and beyond for your customers. Ordering from your shop has been a joy every single time, and I will continue to order from you and only you because of this. Thanks for being such a great company, and keep it up!

Submitted 3/13/2014
Your inventory is amazing and well priced. The shipping was lightning fast, and the customer service is out of this world! I will recommend this site to everyone I know who's in the market for exceptional jewelry.

Submitted 3/3/2014
Just wanted to say uber CHEERS!! LOVE LOVE LOVE me new earrings and the free extras. THANK YOU!! Will be ordering regular from you. Cheers mates

Submitted 2/18/2014
I really love the products. I am a fan for life. Keep up the great work!!!

Submitted 2/17/2014
I recently made an order with BAF and encountered problems with my order never showing up. I had checked the tracking number and it said it had been delivered days before. My apartment is semi hidden and I have had problems in general receiving my mail period. So I sent an email letting you know I still hadnt received my order and I also contacted the USPS. Within an hour I received an email from an actual human, not an automated customer service email, from BAF apologizing for the delay and that they were there to help me get to the bottom of it. They told me there were other orders to chicago that had the same issue I was having, to wait a couple more days and if nothing still - to give you guys a call. I never got any help or 'customer service' from the USPS, just an email a couple days later asking me to take a survey and rate their customer service. But... I had no customer service to rate, they were useless! So I waited and still nothing so I called BAF and received again, the best customer service I have ever had. I spoke to a woman named Jeanette. She told me that she would re-send my order - free of charge - and that I would definately receive it. Although I am a little late, I did finally receive my jewelry about 4-5 days after speaking with Jeanette. I have been a customer for over ten years and always been a happy customer. This was the first time I ever encountered an issue, but again I received the BEST customer service in the world and will still continue to be a regular customer. I just thought I would say thank you and to let you know you have wonderful employee's! :)

Submitted 12/30/2013
I would like to say i love the way you do business at BAF. I appreciate the fast response and the excellent customer care.. You have made me a customer for life.. I will tell all my friends about how you have won me over.. Thank you, I look forword to doing business with you here in the near future..

Submitted 12/19/2013
Your customer service is awesome and you all are awesome too! Thank you for providing high quality jewelry with an awesome selection and awesome prices! Yes, I know I said the word awesome four times, oh wait it's now five times.

Submitted 11/7/2013
I order from your company all the time & I have never found a better site than you. You offer so much. Everything I have ever wanted to wear for body jewelry that I couldn't find in stores is here & its exactly the way I want it. For instance, i wanted to mix and match my earrings b/c you have so many that could go together,& you have that as an option. Your shipping is completely reasonable.I love that you offer free items with orders. I love the stickers,& I've been giving them to my friends. Keep up the great work. I love how straight up your company is (you're straight up about why the items are on clearance) I love seeing photos of the people wearing the product. I love that a gauge card is included! Its so helpful!

Submitted 10/18/2013
I just wanted to let you guys know that recently I ordered plugs from another website because I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for on yours... BIG MISTAKE! Never will I ever order from another website again. You guys have the best customer service and shipping times. Now I will be waiting for the other plugs for a lifetime!! Thank you for running such an awesome business. :)

Submitted 10/4/2013
I rarely, if ever, contact a company about their amazing products/customer service, but you guys are literally the best! I've bought from you many times and every time, I am completely 100% satisfied. Not only do you have amazing products, which look amazing and get compliments every time I wear them, but your shipping/customer service is top-notch. I will absolutely recommend your website to everyone! Thanks so much for taking care of your customers, especially in this day and age where customer service seems to have fallen to the wayside. I just wanted to write to you to tell you to keep up the amazing work! Thanks so much!

Submitted 10/3/2013
Just wanted to say that I received my package & couldn't be happier with my gorgeous new jewelry! Thanks again for you're wonderful customer service and super speedy delivery!! I'll certainly be buying from you guys again when I can. :)

Submitted 9/17/2013
I just wanted to say, I love you guys. This is my third purchase and there will be many more to come. Best selection, fast service, and a lovely staff (i've called in once to check my order status). I really appreciate it. This is one happy customer! Keep up the awesome work, please! Thank you guys!

Submitted 9/13/2013
I have been ordering from you for more than 7 years. Any time I have needed to contact you, your responses are always so pleasant and prompt. Kudos to you and the company for creating a loyal customer.

Submitted 9/11/2013
I want to inform you that this order reached my house yesterday!!! That is truly and awesomely amazing!!! It came like flash!!! The fastest order I have received by far!!! Keep up the good work!!! I'm very pleased and very happy!!! Your work and service have been improving in this last months amazingly!!! keep it up guys!!!

Submitted 7/23/2013
I am such a satisfied customer of I rep your stickers on my laptop and my car. Speedy service and beautiful jewlery for reasonable prices, everytime. Thank you guys so much!!!

Submitted 7/17/2013
Just wanted to let you know I am EXTREMELY happy with the service I have ALWAYS received from BAF over the years! There is another body jewelry company that sends me emails and I always DELETE them. There is NO WAY they could compete with you! Thanks for everything! Sincerely, customer for life!

Submitted 6/25/2013
I have been ordering from you guys for a few years now and your selection and service is fantastic! I recently made an order for a number of stone plugs and I requested lots of color variety, that is EXACTALLY what I got! Keep up the awesome work.

Submitted 5/21/2013
Just wanted to say I placed my 10th order with you guys today and I've been extremely happy with the quality of your plugs and how quickly they arrive. I've never had any problems except for deciding which new pair to wear haha. Keep on being awesome guys.

Submitted 5/8/2013
I just wanted to message to say that you've made my jewelry dreams come true at really excellent prices. The shipping speed and care has been excellent. I've bought things for both myself and my girlfriend (who is the one who turned me on to this site) and every time I've been overjoyed with the service. I just started stretching my ears and it's been great doing business with you guys. I really truly appreciate how y'all make this potentially difficult process (finding quality stuff at good prices) as easy as can be. Be assured I'll be ordering everything for my stretching needs! Thank you so much!

Submitted 4/8/2012
I've ordered several items from you and I've never gotten around to sending an e-mail thanking you for the absolutely amazing shopping experience. Your products are always the BEST quality, and you always surprise me with how fast the items arrive. I recently ordered something from another site and was beyond frustrated with the entire process. BAF is the only way to go. I highly recommend your site to everyone I know who is looking for body jewellery. Please keep up the amazing work and thank you so much for everything!

Submitted 3/14/2013
I really appreciate your company. I have ordered from you a few times and every time the order has been correct and shipped and a very timly manner. Thank you. I have suggested you to every one I know. And will continue to do so in the future.

Submitted 3/11/2013
I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with your service! I've ordered 3 times in the last couple weeks and I'll continue to order (and suggest you to all of my friends) from you whenever I need something. I receive my orders so quickly, and it's super cool to get something free when I order more than $30 worth. So yeah, just thank you tons! I really appreciate the wonderful service!

Submitted 2/14/2013
I just want to say a big thank you for getting my order out so quickly!! I am so impressed with the quality of your jewelry, your packaging, and the freebies. Your prices are reasonable and I'm happy to have found my favorite store for quality body jewelry!

Submitted 2/13/2013
I just wanted to say, you guys are awesome. Every time I order from ya'll it is a great experience, shipped that day or the next day, and your packaging is superb. I was giddy with excitement when I received my beautiful pyrex glass eyelets today and I just wanted to share my thanks, so thank you very much BAF crew! You will see many more orders from me.

Submitted 2/6/2013
I just wanted to comment on the superb selection of jewelry that you guys stock, and also the excellent shipping practices that you have. I am highly impressed with how high quality you're products are, and also how fast your guys shipments get to your customers.

Submitted 1/30/2012
Thank you BAF for being consistently AWESOME. I have been ordering from you guys for years now and the amazing customer service and high quality product has never faltered. The BAF team is incredible, providing quick replies to inquiries and hosting a quick, easy to navigate website. I have never and will never order from another site. The "perks" are great - free stickers, gauge cards (which I have in every purse, wallet, and coat. They add up!), free jewelry, discounts for being a loyal customer, etc etc. It's awesome. The prices are AWESOME. I live in Dallas, and every time one I receive an order from BAF or a prompt email regarding an order, I want to drive three hours and deliver cookies to the BAF staff.

Submitted 1/25/2013
I just wanted to let yall know that u have got to be the best online company I have ever dealt with in both quality and price of product, and customer service. Not only that, but many online plug sites allow free shipping on orders of 50 dollars or more...but yall allow it without such a large purchase AND U GET FREE JEWELRY! I appreciate that the shipping is incredibly fast (3 days max) even without paying the expensive prices of upgraded shipping. I've made a few orders thru baf now, and everything has been gorgeously asthetic regardless of the brand. I had a special request for tibetan agate plugs I ordered to have lots of stripes if possible..and I was amazed of the selection I was sent. Just what I wanted, AND way more than I ever could have expected. thank u very much for everything u provide. The free jewelry is of great quality too and its a great touch yall add to your service that no one else does. As long as u are around (hopefully forever of course) I will be a faithful customer and I will continue to tell my friends and staff of my own to shop here. THANKS!

Submitted 1/1/2013
I just wanted to compliment you yet again on your awesome, quality service. This was my second order, and just like the first I received a well-packaged envelope within 3 days with everything inside. You guys rock. I look forward to shopping more in the near future. Have a wonderful New Year

Submitted 12/31/2012
I once again must comment on how satisfied I am with your services and how excited I am to be a customer of yours. Not only do my new eyelets look awesome and fit great, but you got them to me cheaply and so quickly that it made my head spin. You guys continue to be, without a shadow of a doubt, the only place I look to for new jewelry whose quality far exceeds the price. Thank you!!

Submitted 12/16/2012
I just wanted to say, after all the times I've ordered from you guys over the years, the service is still great, and I wouldn't go anywhere else :) I'm always happy to see the low prices and coupon codes for the holidays. Thanks!

Submitted 12/22/2012
Just received my first (I'm sure it won't be last) order from you. Things that just delight me about you: your site searchability, prompt answers to my emailed questions, how quickly my order got to me (considering I was told to wait 4-6 weeks before it'd be mailed), your generous freebies, and that I was told specifically that some wonderful person named Bobby packaged my order. I want to write you love letters and shout your url from the mountaintops.

Submitted 12/10/2012
Just wanted to say thank you a billion times for another great order! I've been shopping on here for 4 years now, order is always accurate and quick. Yall never disappoint me! Thanks!!!!!

Submitted 11/21/2012
I recently bought 9 pairs of plugs from this website and am 100% satisfied with my purchase. The shopping was a breeze, ordering and paying was easy , I received my shipment within a week, and every single pair fit perfectly. I recommend this site to anybody looking for body jewelry and will from now on buy all of my body jewelry from here. Thank you for being a well trusted site and providing excellent product that holds up to its name.

Submitted 11/19/2012
Hey guys, I just want to say a big THANKYOU! Everything went perfectly, delivery was on time, you did your best to meet my desired pattern on one set of plugs and your products look amazing. I couldn't be happier with how it all went. I've tried several sites before and they were all late, some products were damage and it has just been a nightmare ordering online. I'm going to be spending a lot more money here!

Submitted 10/25/2012
Everything was exactly what I was expecting..actually, it exceeded my expectations. Everything was packaged really nicely. I am so happy that I bought my septum rings from here. I am extremely happy and intend to buy more in the future! Thank you!!!! :D

Submitted 10/22/2012
I would just like to say how amazing you guys are.I always recieve my order before i am even expecting it. Love you guys

Submitted 10/18/2012
I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love your site! I buy almost exclusively from your stock, your prices are unbeatable, the selection is amazing, and customer service is #1! I have been placing orders here for a couple years now and have nothing but the best things to say. I get endless compliments on my jewelry and send everyone I know your way. Keep up the good work, you have earned a customer for life!

Submitted 10/17/2012
You guys rock. I refer you to everyone I come into contact with when asked where they can buy great jewelry at decent price.

Submitted 10/15/2012
Just a comment for BAF, I was turned onto this site by a friend 4 years ago, and ever since she showed me, this has been the only place i get my jewelry from. People are always commenting on how awesome my stuff is, and ask me where I got it from. BAF, you know what going on the the world of jewelry, and I can easily say that I have never had any problems with any orders, and have always been 100% satisfied. Thank you BAF for being so incredible :)

Submitted 9/27/2012
I just want to let you guys know how much I love the business you're running. I've been a regular customer since about 2008, and I ONLY buy from BAF now because of the huge selection of organic and natural jewelry. Not to mention, the quality of your steel and titanium jewelry is off the hook and it's the only stuff that doesn't irritate my smaller piercings. Your customer service is fabulous and friendly, and it doesn't matter if I choose standard 2-3 week shipping, I ALWAYS get my order within days. I just made another order today, and I'm looking forward to receiving the great quality jewelry that I can always count on from BAF. Thanks for being such a great source for body jewelry! You guys seriously rock, keep up the good work!

Submitted 9/21/2012
Got my order today and I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. Product quality is great, price was super and the shipping was right on. I will definitely order from you again! Thanks so much.

Submitted 9/18/2012
yesterday i placed an order and at the end I had to choose some things for free! *WOW* That's so generous from you!!! Thank you!!! I'm from Austria - Europe, and here you have to pay for every tiny shit! It is rare, that here someone will make you a gift and if it's only a sticker - you have to pay for it!!! I really look forward with my ordered plugs and tunnels. Thank you so much

Submitted 9/15/2012
I just broke into my package. I love my new gauges! They are gorgeous. Given the quality of your products and the awesome experience that I have had with you personally, you guys have gained a customer for life! I will be referring you guys to all of my friends.

Submitted 9/7/2012
So I received my plugs I ordered from BAF today and one plug had a chip in it so I contacted the company regarding an exchange. Within ten minutes they emailed me back. Fantastic customer service is worth mentioning! Very thankful to have such a wonderful company to order through.

Submitted 9/3/2012
i have just recently found your website and i have had a great experience and love the site. i am going to recommend it to everyone i see. great job and thank you.

Submitted 8/31/2012
I've been a loyal customer to your site since I started getting into piercing and stretching 8 years ago! I love how your easy to use website and prompt mailing hasn't changed in the years I've been ordering, I've moved houses 2 times and provinces once and my little white envelope have never failed to appear quickly and with orders filled accurately. I haven't bought one piece of jewelry ANYWHERE since I started ordering from you. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Submitted 8/30/2012
just wanted to say that i have purchased over $100 of product from you guys in the past 2months, and you guys ship fast and have quality material at great prices. thanks again. and will continue to purchase in the future.

Submitted 8/17/2012
I received my order and absolutely love the earrings. The quality is awesome especially for the price. I will be buying more soon. I appreciate the quickness and ease of delivery and free o-rings. Bodyartforms is FANTASTIC!!! Best variety I have seen anywhere.

Submitted 8/14/2012
i got my package in today, and i just wanna say you guys always do a amzing job packageing things. I love ordering from you guys!!!

Submitted 8/9/2012
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this site. My order arrived in two business days, with everything neatly and securely packaged. On top of that, everything is as pictured and I love my earskins.

Submitted 8/7/2012
I just want to let you guys know that you're so efficient and well organized. I love ordering from your company. You guys never mess anything up. I love you, I will be buying jewelry and clothes from you guys for years to come!

Submitted 7/18/2012
I want to let you guys know how much I appreciate this business. I have never had a more universally pleasant experience with any company before! BAF orders ship out lightning fast, and you have awesome sales all the time. Customer service is friendly and great at what they do, and anytime I ask for something specific the people who put my order together get it right on. Add to that great selection, good prices, and an easy to navigate website. <3 <3

Submitted 7/19/2012
You guys really are the best! I always get compliments on the merch i buy from BAF and i ALWAYS spread the good word. AND I think those size charts come in handy; I keep one in my wallet! ROCK ON BAF!!!

Submitted 7/18/2012
just so you know your company is awesome. the inventory you offer is great and your prices are even better. even the basic mail shipping gets to my house in under a week and i live in northern minnesota. keep up the awesome job and i will be a customer for life. i'm telling my friends about your site.

Submitted 6/28/2012
once again, you've impressed me with your fantastic customer service. my plugs arrived in the mail today, just two days after i placed my order, and i couldn't be happier with them. your site is well organized, your products are quality, and your speed and accuracy is unbeatable! i will never shop anywhere else for jewelry again. thank you!!-sarah

Submitted 6/13/2012
Just wanted to let ya’ll know how much we appreciate your professionalism and your products . My son only orders from Bodyartforms.

Submitted 5/15/2012
I had a problem with an order (damaged item) and your response was amazing! I got my replacement jewelry very quickly and I'm wearing it now! You have one of the best customer services I've ever had the pleasure to speak with. Thank you so much for your time and your wonderful service!

Submitted 4/27/2012
Hey BAF just wanted to say that you guys are my FAVORITE place to get my plugs and ear care products! your guy's always have the best stuff and your prices are always affordable. Definitely my #1 website for plugs and ill always be coming back for more. keep up the good work!

Submitted 4/12/2012
i have been ordering plugs from you for just over a year now, and let me just say, you are the most reliable and your plugs are the best quality that i have ever received.

Submitted 4/8/2012
This Website ROCKS! This is the only place i buy earrings from no where else has quality and prices like this!!! I love the stickers i cant stop buying them its all over my car and stuff at work.. Who ever started this Company/Website is the MAN! Serious with out this website i would be broke with half the quality, i tell people this "If it aint from it aint the real deal" No need for reply i just wanted to express what i thought about this company keep it going cause this sites the BOMB!

Submitted 4/9/2012
This Website ROCKS! This is the only place i buy earrings from no where else has quality and prices like this!!! I love the stickers i cant stop buying them its all over my car and stuff at work.. Who ever started this Company/Website is the MAN! Serious with out this website i would be broke with half the quality, i tell people this "If it aint from it aint the real deal"

Submitted 4/3/2012
BAF's selection is amazing. I use the site exclusively when buying jewelry and tell everyone about it. The biggest reason I keep coming back is the quality control. I NEVER have to worry about flawed or discolored jewelry. The product descriptions and photos are always accurate, and I really appreciate the customer feedback and photos.

Submitted 3/3/2011
This is one, if not the best, website I have come across in the decade of online shopping for body jewelry. There are a lot of websites who cater more towards more mainstream smaller gauge jewelry and seem to devote their website to steel barbells for belly buttons, tongues, etc. It's very refreshing to find a site that has substance, is helpful, and diverse. BAF is my go to site! So glad to see a site not overrun by 'kids' cheap jewelry fueled by marketers looking to make a quick buck.

Submitted 3/27/2012
BAF has honestly never messed up an order or given me faulty product. Every experience has been a great one. The prices are stupid-low and the quality is fiiiiine. I'm not saying this to suck up- but I do recommend BAF to everyone I know who might been looking for some body jewelry. You guys rock, and that's why I keep coming back! I can't say it enough, THANK YOU! Awesome customer service!!! :D

Submitted 3/27/2012
When I ordered my new plugs on a Friday, I expected that it'd be at least a week before I got them due to the weekend and shipping days/work days etc. On Monday I was pleasantly surprised by a small package. The BAF process was easy, inexpensive, very fast, and I just stretched my ears with my new plugs and everything looks and feels fantastic. Very awesome work and I'll definitely be recommending you guys to my friends and family.

Submitted 3/26/2012
After trying to work with several other websites I finally decided to try BAF and I just wanted to let you guys know I am extremely impressed with your services. Both orders arrived quickly and everything was perfect. I'm really enjoying my jewelry and I will be recommending BAF to friends and family members as well. I will be coming here for all my piercing needs in the future. Thank you very much for offering such astounding service and great prices for quality products!

Submitted 3/20/2012
I'm very pleased with this whole website and the service provided with it. I never shop on any other website because the quality is never the same or any better than on this site. The products always ship quickly and I have never had an issue with any of them; any specific additional request I put in is accounted for and done for me. I just want to say how very pleased I am with this whole service, and I hope that it will continue on with the same great quality. :]

Submitted 3/17/2012
I think you should know... Your whole order of operations over there is fanTAStic!! Your products are sa-weet! Your website is so easy and organized!! You have sooo much to choose from! You bring in new stuff all the time! Your shipping process and times are great! The whole idea with uploading photos and comments and getting store credit...killer!! I love it all! I wish all online ordering was as smooth and dependable as you are!! I think the last 3 orders we've made, we placed our order before our previous order even got to our house!! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. :) And yes, all the exclamation points were necessary for this message because I am THAT excited! :)

Submitted 3/15/2012
The thing that I love about Bodyartforms is the fact that there is literally something for everyone -- be it indie flair, feminine jewlery, or an eco-friendly organic like myself, BAF has such a huge selection it's unbelievable, paired with great customer service. Everytime I come to the site I always end up finding something that makes me say, "Oh my god, I've got to have it!" All other body jewelry sites just don't compare to the standards of BAF. Thanks for running such an awesome company, one that I will turn to time and time again.

Submitted 3/14/2012
I just want to tell you how awsome you guys are! i got some stuff from you guys a few weeks ago and you guys had it to me in 3 days! THX you guys are so awsome!!

Submitted 3/13/2012
I'd just like to let you guys know, that the few products I have bought from you, have been sent to me quite quickly and I love all the products! Definitely bookmarking you guys, and buying from you in the future :D You are also very helpful! A++

Submitted 3/5/2012
I would just like to tell you guys how fantastic your company is. I am very impressed with your awesome selection, prices, free perks, and super fast shipping. Even though one of my items was unavailable, you were quick to respond and take care of the have a new life long customer! Thank you!!

Submitted 3/3/2012
thanks for my plugs!! very awesome!!! great products,great service, fast shipping, a+!!!

Submitted 3/5/2012
Just want to say that after a year of 2 of being your customer I am extremely happy! Everything I have ever purchased has been awesome - even on my meager budget and I receive my order in no more than 3 days - usually less. If only ALL companies I deal with could be like you. Maybe you should make millions by holding cheesy seminars in cut-rate hotels selling your customer service practices??? Print a "How to Make Your Customers Love You for Dummies" book? I love dealing with you and you forever have a very loyal customer who recommends you to EVERYONE.

Submitted 2/13/2012
I just received my new Amethyst earrings.. and I LOOOOVVVEE THEM!!! Thank you thank you, the grains match and they are gorgeous, they are exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you Body Art Forms!! You're a fantastic supplier of quality earrings, and I look forward to more purchases in the future!!

Submitted 2/5/2012
I just want to say that I positively LOVE this website. Everything I have ever ordered from here has been amazing. No problems or complaints at all. Your shipping is the fasted I have ever seen! After trying a couple of other websites I have found out that NOTHING compares to your prices, amount of products, and general awesome-ness. :) Nothing could possibly make this website better. Thanks for being a reliable and great place to buy body jewelry! Much love.

Submitted 2/3/2012
I actually have no problems with my orders, and really just wanted to rave over your website and service. I've ordered a large number of items from this website and each time I've been amazed at the quality of the jewelry and the speed in which my orders get to my house. The selection on your website is better than any other site I've browsed around and the prices are equally superior. I fully intend on ordering all of my body jewelry from this website as long as it's running. Thank you so much for having such an amazing website!

Submitted 1/16/2012
I just wanted to compliment you--once again--on your wonderful service. I ordered a few nose rings through your website, which is designed so efficiently, and received them quickly and in great condition. I'm so happy with them and will absolutely be ordering from your company again. You've consistently provided a great product and deserve the reputation you've earned!

Submitted 1/9/2012
Wonderful BAF Staff! I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you do a fantastic job. I love this website and you make it so easy to buy quality jewelry at reasonable prices. I have never ever received so many free things from a merchant before! Your customer service team is the best I've ever dealt with. I can really tell that you care about your customers and what they think. I just want you to know that your customers care about you too. Thanks for making me feel all special!!

Submitted 1/5/2012
Just wanted to give a big thanks to you all at BAF! Excellent customer service and the jewelry looks great. in addition to that my overseas order was received earlier than expected! Will definitely come back in the future!

Submitted 1/1/2012
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am so far with my recent purchases from you. Your selection is awesome, you have incredible prices, and super fast shipping. I will definitely order from you again!

Submitted 12/29/2011
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your continued amazing products and customer service. My order always ships and arrives so fast, and anytime I ask for something special, you take the time to actually fulfill my request. I'm sure you deal with hundreds of orders a day, but every time I get my package, it feels very personal. I will never buy body jewelry from any other site! Thank you so much!

Submitted 12/26/2011
I just wanted to say that I was absolutely amazed how fast you guys shipped my order. Never have I ordered something on a Thursday, and had it in my hands on Saturday. Not too many people are considerate enough to actually appreciate that kind of service, so I say thank you! You will definitely have my business again.

Submitted 12/16/2011
Dear BodyArtForms, I just wanted to say how fabulous I think your business is. You have great selections of body jewelry, your prices are unbeatable, and your delivery is SO PROMPT even during the holiday season! I just can't believe it. I figured a lot of businesses get a lot of emails about all the things they did wrong & I just wanted to let you know I think your website is awesome & I don't see myself purchasing body jewelry from any other website! Thanks so much!

Submitted 12/5/2011
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the month-long December sale! I didn't know about the calender last Feb. when I started shopping here so I haven't gotten any sales this year, but I'm definitely doing some Christmas shopping with the discount code. I talk BAF up all the time. You guys are so great to your customers. The store credit for surveys/reviews is awesome, as is the permanent 10% off you offer, and you guys actually LISTEN to your customers. I'm sure you probably get emails like this a lot. I just wanted to make sure you know that you guys rock!

Submitted 11/29/2011
I was very pleased with my recent transaction. The product is a great value, speedy service, huge online selection, and free bonus goodies! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future and will pass on the word to friends!

Submitted 11/22/2011
I just wanted to say Thank You for having such an awesome website! The shipping is always amazingly fast, and most importantly, you have the BEST selection of modified jewelry! AND the majority of your items are very "wallet friendly"!! So I just wanted to thank all of the people working for BAF and making it such an amazing business. THANK YOU!

Submitted 10/13/2011
Can't believe how fast service always is, received my product two days later. Thanks again! A loyal and happy BAF customer, Jody

Submitted 9/13/2011
I have been ordering from Bodyartforms for about a year now. I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful service. I have nothing but great things to say about this website. I have had problems in the past with bad costumer service/shipping issues with other sites, but once I came across BAF I don't even stress. This is the only jewelry site I will recommend to any of my friends.(And occasional stranger who asks about my BAF t-shirt) Anyways, I wanted to thank you for your great website, friendly costumer service, outstanding prices, great products, fast shipping, and all the hard work every one does to keep all of us happy. I appreciate it very much!

Submitted 8/3/2011
I would just like to say that I am extremely happy with the order i received from you. First of all, your selection was amazing, so i got the most gorgeous plugs I have ever seen1 I ordered my plugs, and only had to pay $.50 shipping (plus insurance) ,plus I got a bunch of free stuff with my order (o-rings a-plenty). Then I received my order in about 2 weeks, and considering I'm from Ontario and got basic shipping, I thought it was pretty amazing. My order is so beautiful, everything was perfect and wrapped all nicely, and they plugs look even more amazing in person! I am so happy and I plan on placing many more orders in the future. I just wanted to say thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

Submitted 7/9/2011
I've been shopping at this website for years and it's been really great. The reviews and pictures people leave are really helpful, my orders have always arrived quickly and i've never had any problems. I love that you guys reward your customers with free stuff and discounts for becoming involved in the website and returning as customers. It makes me feel like you guys care about your customers and is the reason I keep coming back.

Submitted 7/7/2011
From a survey: Love this website, i kinda feel cheesy putting great and awesome for everything, but it is true. the customer service, quality of the merchandise, speed of delivery, and everything overall about this website is fantastic. every time i receive a compliment on the jewelry i order from here, i make sure to tell people where i got it and occasionally even hand out the little gauge cards. baf is awesome. the end.

Submitted 6/30/2011
I just received my 4th order from BAF, my 5th should be here early next week. I am absolutely thrilled with the service I receive every order I place. You even refunded a portion of my shipping costs because it was cheaper for you to send "AWESOME".I have become addicted to your website, always checking to see what is new. The plugs(soon to be 24 pairs)that I have received are absolutely amazing, and receive many compliments on my many pairs. By far the best selection out there for larger guage plugs and other sparklies. I am like a kid in a candy store opening my order, and have never been disappointed in respect to seeing a picture of the product and what it looks like in ear. Always accurate and awesome. I love the uniqueness of the jewelry, nothing compares to BAF. I will never shop anywhere else again. I am a BAF customer for life. Thank you so much for making this a great experience!!!! BAF ROCKS!!!

Submitted 6/27/2011
I ordered my jewelry Friday and it just arrived today! I cannot begin to explain what a pleasant surprise this was. I was already very fond of your company, but now I am an advocate. I will definitely tell all my friends and family that your company is not only extremely professional by responding to order changes quickly but extraordinarily efficient! Thank you for making my shopping experience a delight. I now know the one stop shop for all my body jewelry needs. :)

Submitted 6/16/2011
Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate your great and fast service. I recently had to return an order and my questions were answered via e-mail within an hour.I shipped my package back and was refunded within three business days, including the day I sent my package. That's amazing! There's not many companies out there that offers a customer service as good as yours. I just want to thank all the employees at BAF for their work, it's very appreciated.

Submitted 5/30/2011
I've been using BAF for all my jewelry needs for over a year now (first on my friend's account, then on my own) and I can honestly say I'm pleased as punch. I've always gotten my orders in less than a week, and always so carefully packaged! I am always happy with the prices, and the way the website is set up. Sometimes it's so hard to find a site that is easy to navigate, and beyond that having pictures of what products look like from customers and their reviews is incredibly helpful. I've only had to contact customer service once, and they were helpful and quick to right any situation. I suggest BAF to all my gauged/pierced friends and will continue to do so.

Submitted 5/27/2011
I did some searching online for a good legit site to shop from with fare prices and i found a link to you guys in a random blog. I checked you guys out, noticed it was pretty safe and bought two sets of guages. They were opalite and amethyst. I asked to have my amethyst to be medium to dark if possible and you guys did it which really shocked me and made me happy. Its not often a website/company actually cares enough about a little request. So their for i will 100% be shopping from you guys and i have been telling all my friends and family about the you guys. Your awesome keep up the good work!

Submitted 4/27/2011
I would just like to say your customer service is amazingly fantastic. I spoke to one of your employees, Blake, and he was incredibly helpful and even kind enough to personally pack my order specially to how I needed it. I have always had the best customer service out of any site or store I've done business with right here, and thats why I always have and always will take care of all my body jewelry needs with your website =)

Submitted 3/18/2011
Terrific customer service. Wish everyone did business the way you guys do. Thanks so much.

Submitted 3/17/2011
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the recent order I placed on your website. Your product selection is nothing short of amazing, and your processing time is the quickest I have ever seen. My items were shipped within 48 hours from the time i placed my order, and all items arrived in perfect condition (even the glass items). I am now a lifetime customer. Your web address is in my favorites bar, and I will be making all of my future purchases from your company. Thank you so much for a great online transaction.

Submitted 3/16/2011
My earrings have arrived and just want to say THANK YOU!!!! They are more beautiful than the pictures and your service is amazing! Just a heads up that the border charges GST on purchases coming into BC, Canada from the US. (for future BC client questions). Thanks again! I will definitely be ordering my earrings from you in the future. Your selection is amazing!

Submitted 3/8/2011
I can't stress enough how much I love you guys' website and business. You all should pat yourselves on the back and be proud of the fact that you are one of a small group that truly lives by their mission statement. You guys do have THE BEST body jewelry website around and you guys do have THE BEST customer service! I always get stopped and asked where I got my jewelry and it ends up becoming at least a 5 minute talk with strangers about BAF and how awesome you guys are. My mom and I have our own business and it feels good to know that there is still a community of traditional family owned business who are loyal and friendly and still thriving in America. Keep up the good work, and I wish you guys wholeheartedly continued success!

Submitted 3/5/2011
I just want to say thank you for your amazing service. I have ordered a few times from you and have never been unsatisfied with my purchases or the ship time. This is definitely my go to site and I recommend you to all my friends. THANK YOU!

Submitted 3/7/2011
I just want to say thank you for your amazing service. I have ordered a few times from you and have never been unsatisfied with my purchases or the ship time. This is definitely my go to site and I recommend you to all my friends. THANK YOU!

Submitted 2/14/2011
Thank you sooooo much. your site is the best online shopping experience i have ever had. the jewelry is outstanding as well as the price. thank you for super fast shipping. i have had some bad experiences with other sites, i will never go anywhere else for my body mod needs. thank you,thank you,thank you.oh yeah, and thank you!!!!!

Submitted 2/14/2011
I just wanted to say what a wonderful company Body Art Forms is! I've been ordering through BAF for at least 5 years, and I will never purchase plugs or body jewelry anywhere else. I always opt for basic/free delivery on my order and always receive my jewelry within three days! I am SO happy with the quality of jewelry that I purchase, the ease of the website and the speed of delivery. Keep up the great work!

Submitted 1/28/2011
Hello, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for my order, I just received it today and I am very pleased. It's my first tome ordering from you and wasn't sure what to expect but I am very pleased with the all around experience and will be doing all of my gauge and o-ring shopping strictly with from here on out. Thanks

Submitted 1/10/2011
I just wanted to send a note to let you all know that the quality of your service and your products are amazing. I never shop for piercing jewelry anywhere else. Many thanks to everyone in your office and your warehouse. Keep up the great work.

Submitted 1/3/2011
I just wanted to thank you folks for being THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER!!! I have ordered from you many, many times and have always been happy with the quality of your products, the timeliness with which they are packaged and shipped, and your prompt communication regarding order statuses. I received today the items I had ordered just 4 days ago, right before New Years weekend. I spent the rest of the weekend hoping that I would receive my items by this coming Thursday (I'm leaving my current address on Friday!), and worrying that I had made a mistake in ordering so close to a change of address. No more worrying!! I was so happy I thought I would share it with you so you know what a great job you're doing. Thanks for being awesome!! You have all my future business for sure.

Submitted 1/6/2010
Just wanted to thank you for shipping my order so quckly. I had a bad experience with another site recently but you guys are great. I like the way your site is set up with reviews and pictures. Will be shopping here again!

Submitted 12/17/2010
I placed an order with your company Saturday evening and received it Tuesday!  I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic service, especially for the holiday!  I will definetly recommend your site!  Happy Holidays!

Submitted 12/14/2010
I just wanted to tell whomever it may concern I am very satisfied with my product. I ordered a pair of pyrex double flared amber colored eyelets and I couldn't be happier. Expect my future business, and thank you.

Submitted 12/14/2010
Been buying from you for years. Never lost an order and swift and no-hassle returns. Custom order requests are answered almost immediately, too. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Submitted 11/18/2010
Today I received a replacement for the belly button ring that I originally purchased that had a chip in it and I just want to thank you again. I really appreciate your company and how easy it is to fix a problem with defective items. You have my gratitude. 

Submitted 11/15/2010
Thank you so much. I have to say BAF is definitely my favorite website to order things from. Before this I never had a problem with any purchase, and you've made it so easy to receive a replacement. Everything always comes and comes quickly, and I love collecting all the stickers! =) What wonderful customer service, thank you. I will continue to recommend your website to friends and family.

Submitted 11/3/2010
Just wanted to say that this was the quickest & most impressive response to an order I've ever had from an online retailer. I placed my order around 10:30p my time, then get a confirm @ 5:00a my time that it's being packed up & gonna be shipped later that day is fantastic. I'm not stressing about when they get here. I'm only on a 6 gauge & my goal is 7/16" in a few months, but still. You under promised & over delivered, it made my day, & I wanted to let you know. :-D

Submitted 10/18/2010
Hi! I received my earrings. They all look amazing. I am INCREDIBLY happy with my purchase and my overall experience. I'll send some photos once I have everything in. Thanks again for being awesome.

Submitted 10/11/2010
I just want to thank you for the amazing service I have gotten from this website. You have amazing service. You guys are fast to respond to questions, and always ship out your items very fast. You have honest descriptions of your products and I love that you have customer reviews and pictures on the products' pages. I order all of my jewelry from here and have never been disappointed with a purchase.

Submitted 10/1/2010
Good hearted people of BAF,
I just wanted to say thank you for making this exchange/replacement so easy! Not only do the products from BAF kick some serious booty, but your customer service is just as stellar! Thank you so much! I'm telling everyone how awesome BAF is. Thank you for a good experience and these new earrings are probably the coolest thing ive ever stuck in my head!

Submitted 10/7/2010
I am stretching & needed some cbrs. I wanted cheap, but not total crap ones since I won't be this size long. The rings I got fit the bill & the order came quickly. I just wanted to say thanks, even though my order was really cheap you even send me "gifties". I'm really impressed with the service & thought you ought to know.

Submitted 10/1/2010
I ordered the single flare steel cut out sparrow eyelets, and just wanted to express how happy I am with them! They were delivered freaky fast, and I love love love how they look and feel in my ears! I can't believe how cheap they were, too. I've ordered from BAF before on several occasions and have always been 110% satisfied. Thanks a lot for being such a great website and for holding yourselves to such high standards!

Submitted 10/1/2010
To: The crew @ BodyArtForms,

Hey Guys! Just received my order today in the mail.. SO HAPPY! Everything is even better than I expected it to be and (as always!) everything was well packed and got here super fast. I only buy my jewelry from you guys and will be purchasing some 3/4" Anatometal Superblings and MUCH more in the near future. Just figured that you guys don't get enough "Thank you's" so wanted to send one your way..


Submitted 9/27/2010
I just wanted to let whoever reads this know how happy I am with this website. Having ordered jewelry from all over the place, never been this satisfied. I probably havent spent as much as most people (maybe $200 altogether), but i've never experienced a f'ed up order, even the sticker color has always been right. And the shipping can't be matched. I pay for regular but I swear it's next day air or something. Keep it up and thanks!

Submitted 9/21/2010
Just had to drop you a little note to say THANK YOU for sending me my order so promptly and I'm so pleased with how you paid attention to everything being correct as I'd asked (YAAAYYY!). The items are beautiful and they were packed well.

Submitted 9/19/2010

You do not have to email me back because I know you all are busy. I have been shopping with you guys for about a year now, and I have NEVER been disappointed. I love to support local businesses ( I live in Ypsilanti Michigan and shop at a piercing store called Pangea as well.) but you guys have the best variety for what I like. I am also happy to know that you are an all or predominantly all women business which really means a lot to me! I am all about the empowerment of women and my mother and I own a business together here in Michigan. I recently met someone who use to sell their product to you and gave you guys raving reviews as well. I just wanted to tell you that you are extremely appreciated and I wish you continued success and growth in all you do!!!

Submitted 9/20/2010
Hi! :)
I received my parcel today and I would just like to tell you that you are one of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had when buying online: the assortment you have is unbelievable, the items I bought are of extremely good quality, and your professionality and reliability are rare to be found even when buying IRL - let alone when buying online. I am going to review the beautiful pyrex squids as soon as I can, but in the meantime I just had to thank you and to give mad props to an excellent team: keep up the good work guys, I'll always buy from you with confidence because quality is the key and you know that very well! :)

Submitted 9/19/2010
I just wanted to say that I love! My girlfriend and I, who have various piercings between us, will not shop anywhere else. You have an amazing selection, easy to navigate site and great prices! Keep up the work guys, you have most definitely earned our business.

Submitted 9/9/2010
I'm sorry to take up your time, as I'm sure you guys have plenty to do, and I'm not sure that this is the right place to do this, but I just wanted to say how awesome it is to have a website that I feel 100% confident in buying from online. I've been getting stuff from you guys for about 5 years now, and I have yet to be disappointed or misled. I don't even get insurance anymore, because I know you guys will get it to me, usually like three days before I even expect it. I am a LOYAL customer. Thanks guys.

Submitted 7/29/2010
I just wanted to thank you for your great service I've received the last year. You are by the far the best online business I've ever used. Your packages come so fast and my items are always in perfect condition. You treat your customers so good! Thanks so much.

Submitted 7/14/2010
This is really not a customer service question or anything like that... I just wanted you write you all a quick note to let you know how much I love your site, your products, and the work you do. I always get my orders quickly and they are always perfect... and I spend more time than I should just staring at product photos, reminding myself to stretch slowly! I love that you guys do what you do because you care about it and it makes me happy every time I look at my BAF sticker on my sketchbook.
Anyway--just a thanks!

Submitted 6/2/2010
Hey there, I just wanted to write to say firstly how awesome you are. I received my order, in Toronto, in about a week. Awesome. Second, I am very happy with the jewellery (I will post a photo soon). Price is unbeatable, and I will be ordering more soon/telling all my friends. Cheers!

Submitted 5/13/2010
I just want to say you guys are awesome. I recently placed my first order with you guys and luckily got insurance because the package never came. Both Myriah and Seth were extremely pleasant to talk to and were a big help getting my order re-shipped which came a week and a half after it was re-shipped. I was extremely impressed with the customer service and wanted to say thank you and i will definitely be ordering more from you guys.

Submitted 5/4/2010
people tend to send those who run websites complaints all the time, so i thought i'd let you know that i absolutely LOVE your website! not just the selection and price but also the set up! i've been to 50+ online gauge stores and NONE of them have been as easy to find with you want, or had such a selection that you do. i'm officially a customer for life as are all the people i've showed this website to (: (15+ people) keep it up!

Submitted 4/30/2010
I just received yet another great piece of jewelry and as always the shipping was super fast. As someone that orders a lot of things on the internet, I really appreciate how well you guys run things. 
So, I just felt the need to let you know that I love your website and the jewelry you provide, and I am always recommending you to friends. Keep up the good work!

Submitted 4/29/2010
thanks so much :) by the way u guys are the best most reliable jewelry store i've ever seen. i don't get my plugs anywhere else and i wouldn't think of buyin them anywhere else but Body Art Forms. u never mess up my orders and the plugs i get are so comfortable. just lettin u guys know you're appreciated!

Submitted 4/22/2010
I just wanted to commend all of those at BAF that contribute to the extremely high quality of service. Never before have I chosen to go to a website to buy gauges over a local piercing studio. The shipping is extremely fast, receiving items within three days, and the quality and selection of jewelry is absolutely phenomenal. Thank you for being such an amazing company, I will ALWAYS go to BAF for all my piercing needs.

Submitted 4/22/2010
i just wanted to say thank you so much for everything, my package arrived today and honestly you have the best customer service i have ever come across, the best items, the best everything! i love you guys so much! thank you

Submitted 4/21/2010
Hey I ordered from you guys for the first time and just wanted to let you know I'm amazed! You guys rock! Shipping was super fast and I'm very satisfied with everything I ordered. Thank you BAF, I'll be a long time customer. :D

Submitted 4/10/2010
I just wanted to say thank you!!! some things i ordered came broke and you guys sent a replacement right away and very nicely packed it made me so happy to finally wear my beautiful jewelry thanks SO MUCH!

Submitted 4/6/2010
I just wanted to take a moment out to thank you so much for your delivery! The jewelry was excellent quality and I'm receiving many compliments on my new earrings. I will definitely be doing business with you in the future.

Submitted 4/4/2010
I just wanted to say how much I love you guys! I just made an order and I saw you have added a postal insurance for international orders, this made my day as I love your site so much but I always worry that my order will be lost, and now I don't have to worry so much. Keep up the good work it really shows that you care for your customers not just making money.

Submitted 3/22/2010
no issues, just writing to say thank you! happy monday!

this is the best order ive had in quite some time. i opened the package and everything was in its own colorful drawstring baggie. that made me smile. of course it was all wrapped with care, as always. and i LOVE my pieces. these teardrops are STUNNING!

i just want to thank you for your amazing product selection (yay limited stone), amazing discounts, wonderful service and all that you do for us loyal customers. it really means a lot and is why i cant stay away. =) thanks again BAF. you made my day.

Submitted 3/16/2010
I have ordered from your company twice now. I am really impressed! Very timely delivery...and the free goodies are great. The nosescrew will likely be my everyday jewelry for a while. You guys are awesome. Oh, and great forums too!

Submitted 3/16/2010
To Whom This May Concern:

I've been purchasing jewelry from Body Art Forms for a year. Each time I go on the website I'm quickly blown away by every single design in the plugs, tapers, barbells and everything

I am a loyal costumer to your website. I go on the website everyday to be impressed and possibly buy more jewelry. All the tapers the website sells have helped me a lot in my stretching. It has not let me down.

This is my favorite website ever. I will continue to purchase jewelry from this website.

Thank You,

Submitted 3/11/2010
I know I'm just another individual who buys from this wonderful site, but I just want to thank you guys for great customer service and item quality. I bought two 10 gauge tunnels to put in my nostrils, and they got in her 3 days.. and they fit so well, and made of good quality. Just thought I would let you guys know that I'm appreciative.

Submitted 3/4/2010

Just wanted to let you guys at BAF know you're doing a super job.. I get my orders quick, dont spend arm/leg in shipping, I get what I want at a reasonable price, and there is some really pretty/quality stuff. Keep up the good work BAF, you've got a customer for life :D

Submitted 3/2/2010
Thank you, I wanted you to know that I appreciate the kindness and efficiency of the BAF staff. And because of your good service I intend to keep ordering from BAF. In the past I have delt with businesses that are rude and uncomprimising; and I appreciate that the people at BAF provide such excellent customer service!

Thank you!

Submitted 3/1/2010
I just wanted to thank you guys for the quick shipping! I have been stalking the site daily since November or December when Scott told me these plugs had been sent to you, and I finally got them! They're just as gorgeous as I thought they'd be. Thanks again for the awesome service!

Submitted 2/26/2010
Wow. Just wow. These earrings are INCREDIBLE!! The bone dancing snakes, in particular, I wanted to just gush about! They design is precise and intricate, and so delicate. They are the most beautiful earrings I have seen. The other earrings I got were also quite stunning, I am more than pleased with my order and you have definitely earned a repeat customer!! The shipping was very quick- thank you so much!

Submitted 2/20/2010
Thank you so much for the flawless execution of customer service. I will definitely be ordering exclusively from BAF as I stretch into better jewelry.

Submitted 2/15/2010
Just wanted to let you guys know that 1) I got the refund for my recent return (thanks!) and 2) I placed an order for the correct gauge circular barbell, it arrived yesterday, and it's perfect!  Thanks again - I know I don't order often, but when I do, I will always use your website - great selection, great quality, and flawless customer service!

Submitted 2/8/2010
Just recieved my 7/16 white jade plugs- they are very pretty and I can tell I'll be wearing these a lot- nice creamy white, wide flares, though- but very comfortable. Can't even tell they're in. Fast S&H!

Submitted 1/28/2010
Although I have not purchased anything from your site, my boyfriend, Zack Robinson, has not stopped raving about your company since he stumbled across it early 2009 when he began to stretch his ears. For at least a month I helped him search for a store or website that sold quality gauges and jewelry and offered advice about body modification as well. We struggled with unsecure sites, poor service and low quality jewelry but when he discovered your site he talked nonstop about your quality with both your staff and products.
Within the past few months he has had orders shipped much later than estimated, lost due to UPS and break due to accidents. These issues may seem like a big deal to some companies but upon calling your company and calmly explaining his situation, you staff kindly agreed to replacing the broken or lost merchandise free of charge along with large quantities of stickers and promotions. While addressing your site, your staff was understanding and kind and my boyfriend felt they got to know him on a personal level; he felt as if he was not just a customer but a friend and member to your community.
I am writing this letter for the sole purpose to praise your site as a whole from myself and my boyfriend. I wear your ?gear? on a weekly basis and refer friends and family, who are interested in the body modification life style or just need to buy quality jewelry, whenever the opportunity is available. I know I will purchase jewelry when my gauges reach my goal size of 00g from your company as well as continue to hear great feedback about your website. Thank you so much for your great service and quality products!
Sincerely yours

Submitted 1/23/2010
I ordered my jewelry on Wednesday and it was here by Friday. I'm astonished, especially since I didn't pay shipping! I just wanted to say that you guys never fail to be amazing. Thank yo so much for offering your great business to the world. We need it. :D

Submitted 1/22/2010
Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Received the shipment Invoice #--- and I am 110% happy! Not only are the items made to perfection, but the extra care you took to label the packs and the packaging exceeding way above what I requested and expected. BAF, all of you totally Rock!!!!


BTW, I left this thank-you on BAF's Facebook Wall and on Myriah Owens FB Wall as well.

Thanks again to all of you at BAF for making my monster order happen!!

Submitted 1/15/2010

I just wanted to compliment on how great your store is. I've been ordering from you ever since I made the decision to stretch my ears a few years ago. All of your prices are so reasonable and I get everything shipped so fast to me. I just wanted to thank you for being so dependable as a company for the past few years!

Submitted 1/13/2010

just had to drop a quick Note...

OMG i LOVE the green bubble wrap! its amazing :)

ive been ordering from this site for years. and i mean, it has to be over 5yrs by now. i just wanted to say Thank You!!! seriously. ive NEVER had a bad order. great Quality, great Everything!!! i always throw out the site to anyone that sees my jewelry :D

again, Thank You!!!

Submitted 1/15/2010
Hey guys! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the uber superior service! I can't believe you guys shipped only a few hours after I placed the order and it only came in 4 days! I believe you guys sent me an extra gem labret... I'm sure it wasn't intentional but I really do appreciate it :) You guys are the only place I will ever buy jewelry! I cant wait to start buying the plugs and earrings in my wishlist when I reach my goal!


Thanx again,

Submitted 1/13/2010
I just wanted to say thank you so much! I ordered some plugs and tapers for the first time from this website about a week ago, and I just got my order today. The quality and freebies were so great. I will definitely be using this site more frequently. Thanks again!

Submitted 12/30/2009
I'd simply like to state that the only company I've dealt with that reminds me of the service I received today is a Fortune 500 company: American Express. In fact, the lack of a command-prompting machine, your friendliness, and the ease of which you took care of my confusing situation and followed through to entirely resolve it and reassure me of such, would be above and beyond what half of my calls to Amex amount to. Thank you for such a pleasant business experience. This stands out against the monotonous majority of 9/10 of the companies I deal with every day.

Submitted 12/28/2009
Just wanted to let you guys know I received my order and I am so pleased. Everything is perfect and I just wanted to let you know that once again you guys (and gals) have made me a very happy return customer. I always recommend BAF to anyone looking for body jewelry. Anyway, thanks again for another great order.

Submitted 12/22/2009
You guys are seriously the best! NO company i have ever ordered from ships faster than you guys and your the nicest people ever. I couldn't be more satisfied with the products i get or the time it takes them to get here. You guys take your job seriously and i just wanted you to know that i greatly appreciate it and i hope everyone at BAF has a happy holidays!

Submitted 12/5/2009
I just wanted to let you guys know that this truly is the best site out there for jewlery. I know you always hear the bad things because people love to bitch, so I figured I'd tell you something good. This is the fastest and most friendly site and you can really tell that you guys care about what you're doing. I tell all my friends about this site and how awesome it is...keep up the good work :) and hope you enjoy the holidays.

Submitted 12/1/2009
I wanted to let you know that I'm devoted to Bodyartforms. I have been buying from you for three years now. I bought my first plugs and tapers with you to stretch up, and I continue to make my lobes pretty with your products. I once strayed to another company and bought a flare, but I had so many problems I came running back to you. Everything about your service is amazing. Keep up the good work!!!!

Submitted 11/24/2009
I just wanted to let you know that your company is by far the best online body jewelry company in terms of customer service. I used to be a huge fan of "-- removed --", but they have time and again dissappointed me with slow responses to emails, constantly delayed shipping and half their inventory on backorder. As someone who loses a lot of jewelry and constantly needs to be ordering more, you guys have really stepped it up with your prompt and friendly customer service, as well as your overall organization of knowing what you have in stock. Also, the variety in your inventory has grown extensibly since I first started shopping on your site. So, as someone who has taken notice of a job well done, I just wanted to thank you and let you know I will be exclusively shopping on your site for my body jewelry needs.

Submitted 11/17/2009
I just wanted to let you guys know that you're site is supurb! I was in a frantic state trying to find a place that had more than two pairs of 9/16th plugs to offer, and to my utter amazement your site has 27 pages worth! Your selection is fantastic, your prices are super reasonable, shipping is quick and the jewelery quality is top notch. I now refuse to buy jewelery from anywhere other than BAF. Thanks for a wonderful buying experience. :)

Submitted 11/2/2009
i just wanted to say that i just recently ordered from you, and not only was i impressed by the quality of the product, but the reasonable prices and the follow up emails with the shipping. it is a true pleasure ordering from your website.

Submitted 11/1/2009
I received my custom anatometal order from you guys recently, and i absolutely love it! everything looks even better than i thought it would!! i really appreciate all of the work you do, especially the custom orders, and i always recommend body art forms to all of my friends. i just wanted to say thank you and i will be definitely ordering from you again very soon. Thanks again!

Submitted 10/16/2009
I just wanted to let you guys know how super your staff is, I had an issue with an order, nothing bad just a thing that turned out to be my fault, i was being helped by Myriah, who with in 1 day not only helped resolve said issue, also gave me follow up service above and beyond ANY other service I have had anywhere on the internet. Just wanted you guys to know, sure you hear it all the time but once more couldn't hurt, Your the best!

Submitted 10/8/2009
I just want to say, disregarding all tact, keep up the awesome fucking work. Your shop has fair prices, great selection and people behind the scene that care, and it really does shine through. I'm so happy I stumbled onto the site two years ago, and I'm even happier to see the growth that has happened since...(and you sent my last order in a cute little fabric bag, which totally made my day and gets you major points), keep it up!!

Submitted 9/19/2009
Thank you so much for making this online store. You have such great jewelry with amazing quality and prices. I have bought from here 3 times, and definitely plan on making more purchases in the future.

Submitted 9/15/2009
I would just like to inform you of how consistently and ultimately satisfied i am with this wonderful online company.


I've shopped at Hot Topic and looked for other stores online, none of which have these amazing prices and varieties or that i feel so comfortable using.

I would like to thank you dearly for being so passionate in your business and this art thank you!

Submitted 9/4/2009
The quality and selection at BAF is so good I've never needed to go anywhere else. The personable service is wonderful, I would much rather shop here where you care about the customer than some other site where I don't know who I'm dealing with.


Before I found BAF I was so disappointed in the selection of body jewelry I saw elsewhere. BAF has everything I could imagine and more. it has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities to me. Thank you for having such a great business.

Submitted 8/27/2009

You guys rock! Quality jewelry, affordable, great selection and fast shipping! I have ordered from you twice in the last couple months & I am totally satisfied! Thanks!!

Submitted 8/27/2009

I wanted to say, I just got my order in the mail and I'M STOKED!!

The earrings are amazing, and they came faster than expected!!

Great service, I will definitely keep buying from you guys!

Keep up the great work!!

Submitted 8/24/2009
Sorry if this is the wrong area to send in a comment like this but you all truly are some of the best people I've ever dealt with. You have *the best* customer service out of any business I have ever seen. You have some of the most amazing jewelry in stock and everything is absolutely perfect when it arrives. I just wanted to thank you all for just being great people and I wish you all the best.

Submitted 8/19/2009
This company is amazing! Not only do you provide quality jewelry for great prices but you get it out so fast. I didn't expect my order for two weeks and it came four days later. I just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing an awesome job. Thanks!

Submitted 9/18/2009
I just want to drop a note to say how awesome your site and your service is. I have just recently gotten into lobe stretching and funkier piercings. BAF was introduced to me through another website and sometimes I just come here to look at the pretties. You guys have the best prices on seriously quality merchandise. I just want to say thanks and keep up the fantastic work.

Submitted 8/9/2009
Hello, just wanted to say that i haven't shopped in a while and the new site is so nice and user friendly. I think i have complained in the past specifically about it :), great job and great products.

Submitted 8/7/2009
I just really wanted to recognize to you guys that your establishment here is downright amazing. Every shipment is a day early, the prices are border line crazy, and dare I say, the most legitimate businesses of this type that I have yet to see on the internet. i first got on this site ONLY for one circular barbell. The prices were so good i had to buy more. I had one peircing and now i have five all courtesy of BAF! haha I have been extremely happy every single order. The site makes life so much easier, the filters and easy navigation are really important in presentation to sell using the internet. BAF has obviously surpassed anything that anyone would assume as even "bad." ... I just wanted to take a few minutes to express how much this establishment is, for lack of using a better word, great. Haha. Thanks guys. =]

Submitted 8/3/2009
Hi! I just wanted to give ya'll some positive feedback :). I had an item missing from my order a few days ago; I put in a report that night, and the next morning my item was shipped! It just got here Saturday and I'm so happy. Thank you gals (and guys!) so much for your amazing customer service.. seriously, it's the best I've ever experienced, on or off-line. Thank you!


Submitted 7/29/2009
I never do this, but I really had to let you guys know..You continue to outdo yourselves with your service. I've placed orders with you at least 10 times, and it's always excellent quality jewelry, and it always gets here in 1 or 2 days at most. The website makes shopping extremely easy, and I can always get exactly what I want..and quick! So I just wanted to say thank you!

Submitted 7/20/2009
I just picked up my order today from your Round Rock facility and I must say...everyone is always so inviting. Sometimes I just want to drive by and say "hey can i just come in and buy plugs without placing an order???? haha. but i really love u guys. i recommend you all on my website and have posted pictures, i even bought a bunch of stickers(and was even offered more cards/stickers) to give to friends/strangers who ask me where i purchase my plugs/tapers/tunnels. I'm glad I live near you guys....I'm already making another list of what I want to order...So you guys might see me again this week. :)


Submitted 7/14/2009
I don't require a response.. I just wanted to express to you how much I love this website. I haven't found another website like this one, is the only place I shop for all of my piercing needs.


Fantastic website, fantastic perks for creating an account, and, most importantly, fantastic jewelry.

Thanks for being amazing, guys.


One very satisfied customer : )

Submitted 7/13/2009
I would just like to say how happy I am with your online store. It's the best.

I'm from Australia and i have found that the majority of the online body jewelry sites in Australia only sell cheap body jewelry. I have not yet found one site over here that sells Anatometal or Industrial Strength jewelry.

Thank you so much for your existance (hehe) and your fast service. You will be for sure the only store i will be purchasing my jewelry from in the future.

Thanks & Regards

Submitted 7/13/2009
I have ordered several items from you guys over the past year, and i just want to say, awesome job. i have loved everything that i have ordered, and continue to get compliments on all of it. i have your sticker on my car and i tell everyone i know... thanx!!!!

Submitted 6/12/2009
I just wanted to add my own testimonial...

Bodyartforms is by far the best online business to purchase your jewelry. I have been buying from them for many years and have always been completely satisfied. The quality of the jewelry offered is far superior to any other company I have (in the past) purchased from. When I have needed assistance the staff of BAF has always been helpful and knowledgeable.

I will always purchase from BAF and I hope they stay in business for many many years.

Thanks guys/gals for the great service and jewelry.

Submitted 9/10/2009
i just wanted to say that i am EXTREMELY stoked at how awesome the items i purchased were. I purchased 1" tapers, 1" solid plugs and 1" acrylic tubes white. with shipping included everything came to around 52.00 oh yeah and i got some glow balls for my labret also awesome haha. if i were to buy a pair of anything over half inch in the mall it would be at least 60.00 or more a pair. being in Canada selection isn't the greatest. just wanted to say thanks for all the free stuff and i will definitely be purchasing from this site in the future!!!! keep up the great work guys and thanks again.
Your super stoked client

Submitted 6/5/2009
I'd just like to say you guys ROCK!! i ordered on a SAT. and got my products on a THURS. great quality also!! I'm so glad I found this site you're so much cheaper than buying from a shop!!!!! <3

Submitted 5/21/2009
LOVE the new site-but I've always been a fan, always will be <3

I just want to say thank you for all the years of amazing service & products! I put in my recent order last week on a Tues & POOF it was here that friday <3

I can't tell you how satisfied I am, the words escape me!

Submitted 5/20/2009
I just got the Tawapa Silver Seraphins today. They are a perfect fit for my standard-pierced ears! I love them! And they're perfect for me; did I mention that I'm a pilot? Can't wait to wear them out this weekend!
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me and answer my questions about this item. I'm definitely going to recommend to my friends.
Have a great day!

Submitted 4/23/2009

Perfect, thanks allot for all the information, I have never had such prompt, acurrate and friendly help!!!! This is how every customer service inquiry should go, you made my whole day!! Thanks again, and you have a customer for life!!

Submitted 5/6/2009
I just have to say it- I love you guys!! I just received my second order from your company today, it blows me away how quickly your able to process orders and get things out. Both orders so far, I ordered on a Friday night and received by Wednesday, with the free shipping! Just amazing. The quality of everything I've received so far has been great for the price, and all the extras you guys throw in are fantastic! Those gauge cards are such a great idea, I use them all the time. I've been recommending your company to everyone I know, the only issue is there is so much good to say about you guys I don't know where to begin. The customer jewelry reviews rock too, I love to be able to see what others think of an item before I purchase. Thanks a lot guys, you've got a customer for life in me!

Submitted 4/24/2009
I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your ornate earrings. This will be the second pair I've ordered, my previous pair recently broke. Your jewelry is great quality, and last for ever. My last pair were horn carved double helixes which lasted well over a year or two, and were never taken out for swimming, showers, or anything. I will probably be ordering my earrings from you for a very long time. Your designs are amazing, and well crafted. Thank you for making products that are so affordable in comparison to the craftsmanship.

Submitted 4/20/2009
I just wanted to say you have always given me great service and my shipments have always been ontime. Thank you for all the great jewelry. I had another company fraudulantly use my card so I will only use you guys now. Your the BEST!!!!!!!

Submitted 3/19/2009

Hey BAF, great service!  I'm really happy with a recent order I made, and the fact that I got a handful of free goodies for ordering so much at once.  I paid seven bucks in shipping, and my order got here on the second business day.  That's awesomely quick, even for me living like 5 hours away!

Submitted 3/26/2009

Thank you so much.  That is exactly what I was looking for.  This is the second time you have come thru for me Myriah, and I appreciate it.  Hopefully you received some praise from the last time.  I spoke with someone other than you and I passed on how helpful you had been to me and he was supposed to pass it on, I guess to your supervisor.  Anyway, thank you again.  You can bet I will be buying from BAF exclusively thanks to you.  I will also be sending any of my friends that need new jewelry your way.

Submitted 4/10/2009
I recently placed an order with you for a pair of jade spirals and I just wanted to say that I got my order and am delighted with the quality of the jewelry. Also, it was very carefully packed and quickly shipped. I am really impressed with the quality of service and the product, which was also very reasonably priced.   So, thank you again!

Submitted 3/19/2009
To every one who assisted,

I would like to thank all of you for helping me out with this order. I also would like to say how much I appreciate the patience and trouble shooting you all went through. Seth thank you for the link you sent me. I did call them and the AX people again and they fixed the error on their behalf. I would like to say how sorry I am for the error on my part and will be more than happy to use this company for further purchases. I got full credit back on my card, so i am going to start a new order and make sure I type in all the correct information in this time. Again thank you all for your help Seth and Myriah. This truly is a well organized company.

Submitted 2/11/2009

just wanted to say your site is great. customer service is excellent along with the jewelry.

Submitted 2/10/2009

Just wanted to say that BAF is amazing! You guys just plain rock. I wanted to give you some good feedback because I'm sure you get a lot of complaints. The only time I had a problem, you guys replied fast and then I got my package. I love you guys. Thanks for rocking so hard! <3

Submitted 2/8/2009
I just had to write you guys a note of praise. I have been using Body Art Forms for over a year now, and I have never failed to be impressed with the site. You have a huge, beautiful selection, and incredibly fair prices. However, what I am consistently awed by is your level of commitment and speedy service. Late last night (about 3AM) I placed an order with express shipping, hoping to get the package before Valentine's Day. Since it was a Saturday night, I didn't expect there to be any activity on my order until Monday morning at the earliest. Then, to my surprise, I woke up this morning with two emails: one confirming my order, and another informing me that my order was being packed and shipped today. ON A SUNDAY. Seriously, this level of customer service does not exist on nearly any other site. I am so impressed and thankful. Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for your commitment to your customers. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Submitted 2/4/2009
I really appreciate your website/company. I found your website almost 2 years ago. I had searched and searched for jewelry that was not just gauged but might be [considered] aesthetically appealing as well. I don't even recall how I found my way to your site. I have recently gone to look at other online stores for gauged jewelry and nothing beats BAF. Not with variety, and not with prices. You offer practically everything I want. What I haven't been able to find, I've been able to create with the pieces you do sell. I just wanted to say Thank you! I'm glad you're out there doing exactly what you do!

Submitted 1/23/2009
I just wanted to comment on your excellent service! I just got my 1/2" Tawapa plugs today and I just ordered it on the 20the and received it on the 23rd shipping to Hawaii. The plugs are beautiful and by far the best ones I've owned so far. I also wanted to comment on the phone customer service. I dont remember the girls name   but she was a big help in changing my order. Thanks again for the excellent customer service the best yet! 

Submitted 1/10/2009

I just wanted to say that my order, which was placed on the fifth and shipped on the sixth, arrived via usps standard shipping on the ninth. The pair i ordered are perfect. I would just like to say thanks and that im very pleased with your service. I recommended your site to my roommates who are both pierced so hopefully you get some business from them in the near future. Its been a pleasure.

Submitted 1/7/2009
About 3 weeks ago I placed an order with BAF, UPS dropped the ball and did not deliver it to me. BAF sent me another one.

I just wanted to thank BAF and Seth Jackson for their wonderful customer service, and I am very pleased with my product now that I have them.

Keep doing what you do.

Have a good day

Submitted 12/29/2008
wow, first of all, let me preface this by stating that the gorilla glass obsidian plugs I got from you all, are hands down the most beautiful plugs I have ever owned.
With that said, I figured I should send you all this message because I ordered my package on christmas eve, and ALREADY got it.  I got it monday, which means you sent it out on christmas day.  That is dedication, and that is why I will forever trust and do business with body art forms.  I have never had any problems, and have always been happy, so I am just letting you know that your company is downright amazing. 
Thanks again!

Submitted 11/24/2008
Wow! I am insanely impressed with your degree of customer service! In the comments of my order i asked for a hand written note and extra stickers. I received an awesome heart and smiley face combo on my invoice, and several different BAF stickers. I have ordered a couple things from you before with excellent support, but this is over the top. This level of customer appreciation is unheard of in this modern business culture. If there was something I could do to show my appreciation, aside from order more products from you, I would. Please pass this message on to everyone at BAF. Feel free to email me back for more information regarding my level of satisfaction with your company.

Submitted 12/27/2008
I just wanted to tell you guys how much I LOVE BAF! You guys have been awesome at supplying amazing jewelry at even more amazing prices, always having a wonderful selection, incredible customer support, and lightening-fast shipping. I buy almost every earring I own from you guys and I'm quick to recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for quality jewelry. I can literally spend hours on your site drooling over what I want next and adding it to my wishlist. You guys have never let me down, even when there were technical issues, you were so helpful and courteous and quick to help me. Thanks again, and keep on doing what you guys do best.

I Love you, BAF.

Submitted 12/22/2008
I just wanted to say that Body Art Forms was shown to me by a friend a couple years ago and it's the only place i buy jewelry from. I've been nothing but completely satisfied and repeatedly pleasantly surprised by the quality of business that BAF provides. I will always buy jewelry from BAF and I have recommended them to every single person that has asked me about body jewelry. I'm so happy that I have such a reliable and amazingly priced place to shop for my body jewelry. Buying jewelry from BAF doesn't even feel like a business transaction anymore, it feels like a purchase from a good friend :]

Submitted 12/9/2008
Wanted simply to drop you guys a note and thank you for the fast, curteous, professional hard work! We've never been disapointed in the products and wand to let you know we appreciate all you do!

Thanks again!

Submitted 12/8/2008
Hi body art forms,
I recently ordered some plugs from you guys, and I received them today! they got here so quickly! Just wanted to let you know I pleased I am. The plugs are even more beautiful than I thought they'd be, and I got them right away! I really appreciate how you try to save paper and are concerned about the cleanliness of your product. The prices are great too! Thank you very much, keep stockin 1" plugs and I'll keep buying them. Keep up the great work, I wish I could work at your company, but I live in Toronto!

Submitted 11/20/2008
I am absolutely tickled pink about my recent order. I ordered a few rings, each gauge 18-10 because I want to restretch my ears. I came here because your products are priced really low compared to other places I've been looking at. I love that you offer a sticker, gauge chart, and o-rings with every order. ALSO minimal packaging, HELL YES. There is nothing better than not having to throw away 5 reams of paper after getting a new package. Even though I shipped it through USPS, my order came in about 4 days which I must say is record timing. Basically what I want to say is that in every aspect of customer service, you guys have outdone everyone. I don't think I'll go anywhere else.

Submitted 10/28/2008

I just wanted to let you guys know that you're awesome! I've never had any problems (even when an item was out of stock.. the refund was almost immediate!) and my last order I thought was going to take a week or two.. and I got it in TWO DAYS! Keep being your groovy selves and kudos on the great selection! I love you guys :)

Much love,

Submitted 10/27/2008
thank you SO much for these wonderful gauges. they are so beautiful and vibrant. my order shipped in mint condition and very quickly. i'll definitely be ordering from you again in the future!

Submitted 10/24/2008

i don't know if people say thank you much, so i wanted to.

i got my squids today and i LOVE them. i am lucky they came in once piece! the box came squished horribly with damaged stamps all over it. my heart skipped a beat and i damned myself for not getting UPS.

i opened what was left of the box carefully and when i got inside found my squids wrapped up so wonderfully and in a jewelry box. they made it thanks to whomever packed my box up so thank you!

have a good weekend!

Submitted 10/24/2008
I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with your company. I recently ordered a few things and as usual the order arrived on time and correct. You guys have your shit together. I am always pleased with your products and services, even the site is great and imformative, with so much to chose from. Thanks so much-keep up the good work.

Submitted 10/23/2008

i just wanted to type up a quick little note before i run out the door. i love you guys! i found your business several years ago. and you've always been right there with me every step of the way. the few questions i have ever had to ask, i have always gotten a timely response. and my items always arrive in pristine better-than-they-look-on-line condition, you guys package your stuff very well. thank you so much for that. i am always very happy whenever i get a package from you guys in the mail. it's become a little ritual of mine.

thanks a lot! i look forward to ordering more and more from you guys on a monthly basis. keep up the great work! please! the internet body modified community needs you!

Submitted 10/23/2008
I dunno who reads these e-mails but I feel compelled to tell yall that the quality and services you guys off is top notch. My orders are always right, and anytime I've messed up you have been happy to help. The jewelry you guys sell is great and I'm always pleased with what I order. Just though I should say you're doing a great job and keep up the wonderful customer service

Submitted 10/1/2008
Thanks, just got my other stuff today, the IS single flare eyelets are the best jewelry I have ever worn, and they got here really fast. You guys are awesome, I never use anyone else, and I recommend you to everyone who will listen! Thanks again

Submitted 9/17/2008
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and great customer service. you guys are always quick to reply to issues and help me very cheerfully even when I have been less then nice about backorders. I appreciate it and will be using this site for many years to come in the future!

Submitted 7/6/2008
Hello there! I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service! I live in Isreal and my orders (all 3 of them) have arrived in no time! The quality of the jewlery is great and I'm as happy as I can be!! Thenk you very much!

Submitted 5/23/2008
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with BAF. You always have such cool jewelry and is almost always in stock. Your shipping is ultra fast, and the quality of your product is awesome! Your site is also very easy to navigate. Thank you, as I will continue to be a loyal shopper of BAF.

Submitted 5/22/2008
I would just like to commend you on your amazing store. Your unbelievable prices, terrific products, and extremely fast shipping have blown my mind. I have RARELY done business with anyone as competent as you. You have gained my following as a customer for all of my future needs. Thank you so much!

Submitted 5/21/2008
BodyArtForms, I absolutely love you guys. There aren't enough words that express my satisfaction with your website, service and products. The website is great, very user friendly and works wonderfully. Your service is heaven sent. The products are just outstanding in every way shape or form.You guys are AMAZING, if you guys were a car, the Bugatti Veyron wouldn't have anything on you. Just wanted to say thank you for everything and your continued phenomenal service to your valued customers.

Submitted 5/2/2008
You guys are just flat out simply put AWESOME! The prices are amazing, and the selection of jewelry is phenomenal! Your customer service is outstanding.. when ever there's a problem with an order, you guys are ON IT! I can't say enough good things about BAF! You guys just rock!

Submitted 4/10/2008
Just want to say I love your jewelry and you've most likely have a customer for life. (check out how much I've spent!) Every time I wear one of your shirts people ask me if it's my own picture on it, people call me that guy from BAF. I'd send you some pics if I had a addy. Thanks a bunch

Submitted 4/9/2008
This is the fourth time my husband and I have ordered from BAF. We have checked out other sites but just can't help coming back to you guys. You have great prices, fast shipping, and fantastic customer service! We just wanted you to know how much we love BAF.

Submitted 4/7/2008
I just recieved my plugs and freebies and I have to say your website is the best online body jewelery source! Not only were your products beutiful and reasonably priced, but your efficiency and treatment of your customers is such a great change of pace from other jewelery sites I have purchased from in the past. You guys kick ass! Keep up the great work.

Submitted 3/23/2008
Hey, Just wanted to say thanks. Orderred two of the poor man's stretching packs and a pair of amber plugs. The free stuff is great! This was one of the easiest orders I have ever placed online. Some of the best customer service I have had too. Will definately be ordering from you guys again in the near future.

Submitted 3/14/2008
Just wanted to say thanks again for shipping out those lavas! The rest of the order showed up yesterday.. a nice surprise after getting my wisdom teeth pulled.. and everything is SO nice! The boy is jealous of my new earskins, so we will definitely be ordering some more in the future! I keep saying thanks, but I really mean it.. I appreciate your quick responses and how you resolved the BO issue so quickly. You kick ass! Keep up the awesome work!

Submitted 3/10/2008
I seriously don't believe it; I ordered my plugs Wednesday, and when I came home Friday they had arrived in the mail! That's just amazing. And I love them- I am so glad that you teamed up with Omerica organics because they offer great products and are also super friendly. And thank you so much for changing my order after I made a mistake- you have been so friendly (unlike some other online retailers-******.com). Keep it up! I've been a customer for 5 years now and I will keep coming back! Thanks again!

Submitted 3/5/2008
Thank you sooo much! Your company, by far, is the most pleasant company I have ever dealt with. You are very customer oriented and friendly and offer great products at great prices. I tell everyone about Thank you so much!

Submitted 2/13/2008

I placed my first order from BAF about a week ago - an order for two stretching kits. I received my order in the mail much more quickly than i expected (thanks!), and was really excited until i discovered that one of the taper pins was the wrong size. I reported the problem that day (yesterday) and am extremely pleased to find out that I will be receiving a replacement product in the mail soon! Honestly, I didn't expect the problem to be addressed at all, much less the next day! I just want to say thank you for correcting this problem and you now have a very loyal customer! I'm going to continue promoting this site to my friends, and definitely continue using it myself! Thanks again!

Submitted 2/7/2008
Greetings! I know how busy all of you must be. I just wanted to send a note to say how INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL your customer service and products are! Just this past week I've put in two orders and asked questions online. You all continue to amaze me at how fast the items arrived, how high-quality your items are, how professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant you all are, and how just plain GREAT the experience of buying from your company has been. THANK YOU ALL for your dedication and caring! It means a lot to this customer, and hasn't gone unnoticed.

Submitted 1/15/2008
Just wanted to send a note and let you guys know that you are a GREAT company. Anytime I order something it gets here fast and the one time I had a minor issue with an order, you guys resolved it quickly and beyond my expectations. You have a customer for life! Thanks for doing business as it should be done.

Submitted 12/12/2007
I'm part of a bunch of communities on livejournal, and have seen my fair share of moaning and groaning about you guys at BAF lately. No, I'm not here to complain. I actually wanted to compliment your company and all of its workers. I know how retail can be, and I know how insane it is around the holidays. I don't think people realize how fortunate they are that this website is even in existance. I mean c'mon, 20% for anyone who SEES the homepage. I don't want to sound like a jerk to all those people with complaints, but c'mon, you bought a handmade product (referring to the dichro bologna), and are disappointed they're aren't *gasp* PERFECT. I seriously want to PAT YOU GUYS ON THE BACK. I read in a community on livejournal about a customer who spent aprox $70, but chose an uninsured form of delivery, and found the need to compain to YOU guys about it. You clearly state no liability for uninsured packaging issues. But more, I'm shocked that you agreed to send her all the items she lost after she was too damn cheap to spend an extra 5 bucks to ensure her "huge order of gifts for others". Thank you, seriously thank you for going above and beyond to please all of these people taking a great business like yours for granted. Please, pass this on, give your employees a pick-me-up. I have never had a problem with any of my orders, and I've always felt effort on your part to make wrongs.. right. PLEASE, do not get discouraged, keep your heads high, and keep providing the excellent customer service I know you for.

Submitted 12/7/2007

i have been ordering jewelry from baf for almost two years now. i have a whole set of single-flange plugs going from 00 to 3/4" that i purchased from baf. i just wanted to let you people know that, of the myriad of websites devoted to body jewelry that i have poured over and tried, none has performed better than baf. your shipping is amazingly prompt, and anytime i have a problem, i get responsive emails right away. on top of which, your website is by far the most well-organized and well-stocked. it's now the holidays, and i just thought i would let you folks know i love your service and your products. please keep up the good work, i will be a customer for a long time yet.

thanks again,

Submitted 11/6/2007

I just felt compelled to send you a note, and i'm sure you hear this all the time but... BAF IS THE BEST.

Seriously. I've been in customer service for years and Body Art Forms is top notch. Awesome jewelry, great prices and stellar service. I've ordered a few things that have ended up on backorder and Seth always goes out of his way to help me, including when I have materials or custom order questions - and thats help within 24 hours, I swear he must set records for response time. I know how hard that must be, considering the size of this site!

I can tell that you guys really must love your jobs, since you make a valiant effort to keep your customers happy (forum contests for free stuff? who does that!?! discounts for frequent buyers? c'mon now... and discounted jewelry because it's not "perfect"? the 2nds are a steal!) and I wanted to say as a BAF customer-for-life I certainly appreciate it, I think we all do! You guys are awesome.

Submitted 8/5/2007
Just a quick note to let you guys know that I think you're the best! BAF has the best selection and customer service that I've found in mail-order body jewelry sites to date. Thanks folks-

Submitted 8/3/2007
You guys are awesome i just got my 3 sets of new plugs and they are beautiful high quality and awesome service. Thanks so much for making a difference in the industry where everyone is out for themselves.

Submitted 8/3/2007
Hey there, and thank you so much for letting us know that its on back order like this, instead of just sending an invoice telling us like other company's would. Its greatly appreciated. Always the best service when it comes to ordering with, such a joy and amazing products and prices. If it would not be to much trouble, we would like to just leave it on back order and have it shipped when it comes in, as the person its for is set on having this item for his tragus'. Thank you so very much, and its no trouble at all. I understand that things run out of stock, so like I said its no trouble at all. Thank you once again, Have an amazing, day, week, summer and year.

Submitted 6/5/2007
Impressive! Just had a send a comment your way on your excellent prices and super quick order processing. I placed my order on Thursday and was surprised to receive it on Saturday! The jewelry I received it was quality and I have been recommending your site to a few other pierced friends. :) Thanks, I will be ordering again SOON!

Submitted 5/26/2007
Thanks so much for correcting my order so painlessly :) The quality of the jewelry is nice, and the tapers are very smooth to stretch with. Thanks for having such a great site!

Submitted 5/20/2007
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your website and your products. The website made it so easy to order what I needed. Not only is everything affordable but some items are free, which is always a bonus. I got everything is less than a week with affordable shipping. I'll definitely use you guys for all my future piercing needs! Keep up the great work!

Submitted 5/18/2007

I just wanted to let you guys know that thanks to you all, I'm addicted to body jewelry now! I'll have to go to body jewelry anonymous. :P

But seriously, I was skeptical about buying pretty much anything online- but BAF truly won me over. Not only that, but your customer service is beyond fantastic. When I got a wrong item by mistake I quickly got a message back from a very nice guy saying my right item would be immediately shipped. You all were so nice about it- you even let me keep the wrong item, too! I'm thinking of getting another piercing and using that item for it. :)

I'm just still in shock by how wonderful your service, people, and items are. I'm definately going to get all my body jewelry (and cleansers) here. BAF is already on the very top of my list of favorite sites/stores. I'm already spreading the word. ;) Keep up the awesome job!

Submitted 4/25/2007
Hello, I just wanted to thank you guys/girls so much for shipping me out my missing items. Also for sending me the test (4) threaded gem balls 5mm AB, they fit perfect.... I just placed another order today. I am super pleased with BAF. Keep up the great job. I'm trying to hit my $200 goal. :) Peace and love,

Submitted 3/2/2007

SUper huge thank you.... Even from the UK... i have to say the site is better than what we have from our shores... and even fater than one certain *CAT FROM TEH WILD* site which takes even longer to sort and send out.... just 4 days my stuff took....

FOR sure i will pass on this site to my pals over here... but one thing..... sooo gutted.... i didn't get mt freebie Free:(SIX) CLEAR o-ring 2g.... I know it's too much to ask to post out for just those but could i have some kind of voucher thing where i would get them on top next time... Thanks

Reguardless of that.... BLOODY GOOD STUFF..... thanks again

Submitted 2/1/2007

I just wanted to say how amazing BAF is. Seriously. I've brought from other (unamed) places and have been so amazed with the difference in quaility between theirs and the items sold here. I just recived my order. Wow! The only thing, not much of a problem, was that my "free" items weren't included in my order. I only recieved black o rings and none of the clear orings or the pair of steel plugs. :( I'm still satisfied with my order. Seems everytime I come to this website, I end up spending more and more money!

NOTE: We sent out this customers free missing items within 2 days

Submitted 1/31/2007
I just had to make this comment... absolutely fantastic, quick service and amazing product at unbelievable prices!  Even the freebies are excellent quality!  I will most definitely do business with you in the future, and refer all my friends to your site!  Thank you!

Submitted 1/30/2007
I just wanted to lavish some praise upon you.  I have a bit of a body jewelry addiction (*ahem* you might have noticed), and this is the store where the majority of my money is spent.  You have the best selection of good quality jewelry out of any of the places I've looked at, as well as the most resonable prices. And your customer service has been, in my experience, well above standard.  Thank you for being such a great commodity for the modified community (lots of M's in that sentence...)

Submitted 1/24/2007
I just want to say how very happy I've been with your service and all the jewelry I've ordered from you. I've ordered from other places, and it's taken them forever to get me my earrings, whereas you are always fast and reliable. I will continue to use your website to order my jewelry until I no longer have a need for it. thank you so much for everything.

Submitted 1/4/2007
I just wanted to give you the biggest compliment!!!
I bought several items from your online store and I just wanted to say that I'm BLOWN AWAY by the SPEED of your shipment and the QUALITY of your products!!!
I've NEVER received a 7-10 basic shipping in less then 7 days! This was AMAZING!

Just keep up the good work!
I WILL be buying from you again!!

Submitted 12/27/2006
i just want to say that bodyartforms is the greatest. if there is any kind of jewelry i need i look here first. and the customer service is fantastic which i think is very important when ordering online. i will be a life long customer and will recommend you guys to everyone. keep up the good work.

Submitted 12/27/2006
... Also wanted to say what an AWSOME job you guys do with everything....since discovering BAF from a BME link last summer, you are the ONLY place I buy my jewelry from! Just wish I coulda known about you 4-5 yrs ago...woulda saved a shitload of $$!!

Submitted 12/18/2006
Once again, you have not failed to impress me with my ordering from your site, just recieved my new 3/4 Kaos pink eyelets and 3/4 hiders, as well as 12mm Acrlyic threaded eyelets for my friend, which have came in good time for Christmas for him, so thank you once again, I intend on buying more from the site in the future and will continue to recommend you to friends :)

Submitted 12/14/2006
I am very pleased with the level of service I received through your company.  My shipment arrived quickly and my order was accurate.  I am also impresed with the quality of your products and the low prices!!  I will recommend your site to others. Thank you for everything!

Submitted 12/8/2006
You dont need to reply ASAP to this b/c i can just imagine how busy You all are right now but just had to take a moment & THANK YOU SO much...
i placed my recent order Wed & POOF friday it was in my mailbox (& my new plugs were in my ears)
the Skulls are to DIE for & as always the quality is amazing.
Thank You Thank You
i'm probably going to place another order before dec's done ~`:)
im so happy i found You (your store) back in the day...

Submitted 11/18/2006
I just had to email back and say never in my 32 years on this planet have I encountered a merchant who is so customer oriented. All my emails and questions have been answered in a more than timely fashion and I just had to thank you again. I have had pierings for over ten years, bought jewlery from numerous vendors, and by far you have the best selection for my tastes, and your quality is some of the best I've ever seen. I can say with full  confidence that you have gained a life long customer. Yeah Body Art Forms!!

Submitted 11/8/2006
This is a great site, i can never find any specifec jewelry where i live, because it's a very small town, with only a handful of people who have extensive mods. We dont even have a piercing parlor. So i have to drive at least an hour to a bigger city to get my piercings done. I just wanted to say thank you.  

Submitted 10/31/2006
I just wanted to let you know that you guys have some of the highest quality stone jewelry I've ever worn and that ordering from BAF is an absolute pleasure. It's difficult to find good, large organic jewelry and I think you do a great service to our community.

Submitted 10/27/2006
Just wanted to let you know that I just got my stuff HOW FAST!!! I order Monday and get it Friday all other places i gotta wait 2-3 weeks thats great!!! And the amber omegas I got are Friggin Gorgeous! Cant wait to put them in i cant yet only 2g :*( but once i get them in ill post a pic up and You Guys Are AWESOME You'll deffntly be getting more orders from me soon.

Submitted 10/17/2006
I would just like to thank you for the wonderful and quick service that I recieved from you when I had to purchase under short order a set of earskins because I needed them to retain my holes during a surgery.  I regret to say that I tried to get other plugs from a defferent source and their two day service was from after they shipped the plugs from their wholesale warehouse to the reatail store and then to the customer, which would have been over a week eventhough I paied for 2 day shipping.  And to top it off when the plugs got into the larger sizes they were not the correct size as labled, and these were from the manufacturer.  My final beef with this company was that they were not going to do anything about the fact that I paid for 2 day shipping when it was going to take a week if I had not called and they pretty much said I was screwed with the incorrect sized plugs because I had removed them from the package even though there manufacturer aparentle cannot measure or produce correct body jewelry.  So once again I want to thank you for the great service and products that you provided.  I will definatly promote you to my modified friends while telling them to stay away fromt the other seller.
And again thank you very much.

Submitted 10/12/2006
... ps: I LOVE this web site and sport the stickers all over notebooks, on the bumper of my car and wherever else I can stick it! Everything I've gotten has been high quality, affordable and (*cueing Mr. McFeely*) of speedy delivery! This beats paying out the a** at some stupid store at the mall or a tattoo/piercing parlor that marks the price up about 300%! Thanks a million!

Submitted 10/12/2006
... incidentally, can i say your site and service is amazing - it couldn't be better and you deserve every success in the industry. as a uk resident with over 30 piercings i've used most of the uk based jewellery sites and even the biggest of them (link removed ) can't seem to get a standard order for a 14g plain barbell to me in under 3 weeks yet everything i've ordered from you has come consistently within 7 days even including weekends - and don't get me started on the lack of choice and how over-priced everything is on my small island to begin with lol :)

sadly it seems to be mostly unorganised back-room idiots who run the uk's online body jewellery shops so to buy all of my stuff from yourselves is a breath of fresh air.

Submitted 10/8/2006
Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that I've buying from you for a few years and have always been super happy!!! Your customer service and product are the best I've ever known. Thank you for always having the cutting edge high quality jewelry that I crave!! I live in Boston/Salem MA and only buy from you! I few years ago I bought some 5/8 cubic zircon and dark wood plugs. They rock my world and are still in perfect condition. I just wanted to say thanks! I refer everyone to your website.

Submitted 9/26/2006
i wanted to thank you guys for your service. i just recieved my package, immense, super fast service. i am extremely happy with my orders. you guys will get all of my business from now on. i will order again in a few days. thank you for a most pleasant experience!!!!

Submitted 9/1/2006
Really apppreciate the quick answer, the positive attitude and the great service!
I am really impressed with the website, and as soon as I get my tunnels and see they are good quality, will make a 2nd order of another 4 pairs, up to 6 mm, so that I am stocked and ready to continue my stretching :)

The site looks awesome. It's user-friendly, contains alot of crucial information, and is easy to navigate and enjoy.
Thank you again, will surely be ordering more in the near future :)

Submitted 8/31/2006
so often i fail to give positive feedback, so i want to let ya'll know how pleased i have been w/ all of my purchases.  i live in a rural community in western KY (pop <20K), and so was thrilled when i found your website.  have been ordering since june (for myself and for siblings who are modified as well) and have no plans of stopping.  the website is easy to navigate, all orders arrive promptly and i love the 10% discount!!  thanks for providing a place where i can buy elegant, great quality jewelry that can be worn in a conservative setting and for fantastic pricing.  ya'll make decorating fun, and i would love to see more in the organics line (4ga lobes).  thanks.

Submitted 8/25/2006
Hello everyone at BAF! I just wanna say first off that you guys are awsome!! The jewellery is great the prices are resonable and the shipping is amazing!!! ... I have been buying most of my jewellery off of eBay and needless to say I am getting quite sick of recieving junk! so thats when I found you guys. THANKS!!

Submitted 7/30/2006
Hey there,  I just wanted to thank you guys for all the effort and help in getting me those IS satin dichro eyelets!  .... So just wanted to reinforce the fact of what a great job you guys are doing at BAF and i appreciate all the hard work you put in!  It's nice to come across people that really care about the business they're running and are so willing to go the extra mile for their customers (even the little guy!). Keep up the superb work! :)

Submitted 7/26/2006

And I'm going to take this opportunity to thank you for your services in the past. I have been buying from you for about three years now and I have never been once disappointed by the products. You also have the most prompt shipping time I have ever experienced dealing with online purchasing period. Thanks again, and keep it up.

Submitted 7/4/2006
Hi, I would just like to say that your shop is the best I have found yet. Your range of jewelry is superb and I'm sure the quality is brilliant too. I have just recently ordered an Emerald coloured 22mm Kaos eyelet. I'm not inquiring anything here. I'm just merely stating that I think your shop is brilliant and that I now know where to come at all times and will definately be recomending it to my friends.

Submitted 6/29/2006
I just wanted to say thank you for your fast service, quality products, and great prices. I've found my new home for any jewelry I need! You guys are great! I'll definitely be back!

Submitted 6/29/2006
hey BAF, i just want to say that i love you guys. I used to spend hours looking for a reliable place to look at and buy new jewelry because as we all know, when your into bod-mods, u want the highest quality and most reliable prodcuts to stick in em', and this is the only place i've found that really delivers. so thanx BAF, for being so trustworthy and quick when it comes to products and shipment....
your modified friend, drew

Submitted 6/22/2006
Hey, I just wanted to thank you personally for running BAF the way that you do. Your huge selection, fair pricing, amazingly fast shipping, and above all your customer support really show how dedicated you are to the community. I know I have had bad days and come home and gotten my mail to find my new jewelry in there days before I expected it to be, stuff like that has made my day more than once. So again, I thank you. And I wish you all the best things in your future.

Submitted 6/8/2006
I just want to say that I have gone on a lot of body jewlery websites in that past couple of months and has got to be hands down THE BEST WEBSITE, COMPANY, ETC. out there. You have the fastest delivery, the best customer service, and the widest selections for really low prices.  Thank you for being so awesome and please never change!  You are the only body jewlery distributors I want to go through EVER!!!!!!

Submitted 5/26/2006
I just wanted to take a second to thank you for running such a wonderful site.  There is pretty much no place around here to get good, quality jewelry around here, other than shops, which are kind of hit or miss.  Its really great to be able to just go online and find some of the best stuff at the best prices. Plus, I have gotten every order in 4 days or less! I don't know how you do it to be honest, you must pay off USPS or something. On top of that, the forums are the most helpful, and friendiest I've ever been on. Thank you.

Submitted 5/25/2006
I just wanted to say how much I love this site.  I used to have a lot more piercings and ordered off this site quite frequently - now that I took most of them out, I haven't had the opportunity to buy much.  But, recently I decided to restretch my lobes and ordered 2 steel plugs on Sunday.  It said I would receive them 7-14 days after my order was processed - it showed up today - 3 days after it was shipped!!!! This is the only site I can actually depend/count on. Thanks for being so rad.

Submitted 5/25/2006
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how thrilled I am with your services. I placed my first order with you last Thursday and I have already received it (5 business days later) and I am in Australia! Also, everything looks really great and in perfect condition. So thank you, and you can be sure I will be ordering from you again in the future.

Submitted 5/13/2006
You are the Best!!! We have placed multiple orders and have been more than satisfied every time. We will continue to order from you, so keep up the good work. We're speading the word and even have your sticker on our car. Thanks!!!!

Submitted 5/2/2006
BAF: a fabulous range of products, wonderful service, one of the few places I've felt strongly enough about to leave feedback! How could I not be pleased with a company who ships my order the same day, for it to arrive in Scotland in 5 days?!  I've had orders from the UK take twice/three times longer!
I only wish I had remembered to get more stickers, to advertise!

You guys are wonderful, thank you!

Submitted 5/2/2006
Whoaa!! I received my order in a week... all of them was great, except for the hider plug (well,you can't really match every skin in the world,right?)..
fast shipping as usual and all the product was great..
thanks BAF!!..

Submitted 4/27/2006


1.  Top quality jewelry.
2.  Great prices.
3.  The only way you could get my jewelry to me faster was if you were located next door!
4.  The absolute BEST customer service I have ever recieved ANYWHERE!

That's why i come back to BODYARTFORMS again, and again, and again!  I don't know how you do it, but keep it up!  I'm a customer for life!

Submitted 4/27/2006
Definitely one of the best sites I've purchased from. Great quality products, and I received the order 3 days after it shipped. Good timing, great earrings, totally worth it.

Submitted 4/24/2006
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your help. I've placed 3 orders with BAF now and the products are superb and the customer service is above and beyond. Many successes in the future.

Submitted 4/20/2006
I'm very impressed by the quickness of your service. I live in a regional area that is conservative and cannot buy this jewelery anywhere for these prices. (I paid more for one labret bar than I paid for two + postage from you guys). Ilook forward to buying more (I'm saving madly). Keep up the good work.

Submitted 4/9/2006
You Guys Rock....!!! the shipping was fast....faster than hell with ebay...!!! The silicone plugs are very durable...I Love them! I'll be doing more shopping with you..! Thanks!!!

Submitted 4/7/2006

Dear BAF

You folks are terrific. It's always a pleasure doing business with you. When I have a question, you always respond quickly, with a personal touch that I appreciate. Whatever you say you have in stock, you have, and the merchandise always arrives quickly, well packaged and in good condition. You make it very clear what you can send right away and what you can't, and offer a variety of shipping options, which I really appreciate, since in my area the mail service sucks.

Just wanted you to know that some of us really appreciate your hard work, and the high standards of promptness and clarity you obviously hold yourselves to.


Submitted 3/24/2006
I just wanted to praise you for such good deal. I'm girl from Slovenia and just today my friend get piercings in England and he sent it to me today. I can't wait to get it!! I was amaized for such quick shipping! You've got extremly low prices in slovenia one piercing cost 5$ or more. I really love your shop. I think I will buy some more stuf from you in future. I just adore you :)) Have a nice day!!!

Submitted 3/18/2006
You guys are wonderful. I have ordered from you twice within the same month and I have been impressed both times. Very timely shipping, I couldn't believe it.

Submitted 3/16/2006
Y'all are the best!! Every time I've ordered from you, the products have been quality items and I've gotten them in no time at all. I placed my last order on March 13. I got it today. That is amazing service, especially since I had it shipped via regular *free* snail mail. I recommend BAF to my pierced friends. I've never been disappointed in your products or your service. Thank you!!

Submitted 2/28/2006
I would just like to say that i am extremely happy with the service i have experienced with you, i am very satisfied, and will definitely reccomend this website to everyone i know. :)

Submitted 1/28/2006
I just wanted to say how great it was ordering from you guys. I got my plugs in 3 days rather than the 5-7 as was predicted, and you had exactly what I was looking for. Next time I need a new set of plugs, I know right where to look. Thanks again.

Submitted 1/6/2006
Just wanted to let you guys know how great you are! I ordered almost $150 in goods at about 3:30 AM Wednesday morning and had my order in hand Thursday afternoon. OUTSTANDING!
I was so impressed I ordered another 100 bucks worth of stuff from you early this morning (Friday) and it shipped that afternoon. I bet 100 bucks it shows up tomorrow!!! Keep up the good work, and put that cash I keep throwing at you towards something I can throw more cash at!!

Submitted 10/11/2005
I just got my first order today & not only was it half the price of body jewelry in England, it arrived quicker! Very impressed, jewelry is amazing. Much better choice of size and styles than in the UK as well. I am well and truly a BAF convert! If only I could get one of the t-shirts...

Submitted 10/3/2005
God i love you guys, fast service, awesome jewelry, and never a problem with quality. Even the blemished and clearence stuff is better than i can find anywhere else...i'm there a cure?

Submitted 10/3/2005
I just wanted to say I am amazed... your site says my jewelry was shipped on 10/3, which is today, and I recieved my plugs today. Shipped via Basic mail... I am thrilled with that speed, hehe. Thanks!!

Submitted 9/22/2005
I have just received my 4th order from BAF, and i just had to let you all know that once again it was perfect, the jewelry is great especially for the price. I ordered Sunday night and it was here already on Thursday morning, with the free basic shipping, and I live in South Dakota. You guys rocks, and I will definately be a long time shopper from BAF. Thank you.

Submitted 9/21/2005
I have just recieved another great order from BAF. The prices were more than reasonable, the quality of both jewelry and accessories is outstanding, and I recieved my order with the free shipping option two days after it was marked shipped. Overall the selection, presentation and service can't be beat. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.

Submitted 9/13/2005
Just wanted to say thanks so much again. One again you've overwhelmed me with great products, awesome interface, and great shipping. I was just checking my order status today and i realized it said "delivered to 'front door'" so sure enough i looked outside and there was my little parcel waiting for me. The kaos plugs are great and fit extremely comfortably, my nose retainer is great and i barely noticable, and the ptfe tounge barbell is comfortable and i was able to cut it exactly the length i wanted. thanks so much again for making me such a satisfied customer.

Submitted 8/20/2005
Once again, you have exceeded my expectations! You guys never fail to impress me. Thanks for making a freak happy! 19 piercings from the neck up, and all holes filled with your jewelry! Every business in the world should take lessons from you in customer satisfaction! You're the best!!

Submitted 7/21/2005

i just want to say thank you for your website. i just in fact ordered some jewelry from you guys yesterday. in fact before i got into the shop i'm in now i bought all my jewelry from your site. you guys have awesome quality items at awesome prices. thank you and i will continue to oreder from you guys

Submitted 7/6/2005
I just want to extend my appreciation for a company that does the bodmod community a great service by providing quality merchandise at more than reasonable prices. Thank you, and keep up the excellent work.

Submitted 7/4/2005

I had two recent problems with my orders and you guys got back to me super fast and super friendly. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and the wonderful products!

Submitted 6/27/2005
Hi there. You probably get many of these IMs, but once I saw your IAM name I had to send you one. I've stretched from 1/2" to 2" with nothing but products bought from BAF. You are simply the most affordable, reliable, on point store I have found...on or off the web. Every other store is constantly taking breaks and making excuses for why they can't get their orders out as guys deliver. I haven't had cash lately or I wouldn't snagged everything you had over 2". The only part I am not going to like about being above 2" is not being able to buy from your store. I plan on buying lots of hardwood and bamboo in the future... I'll have to sign up for an e-mail update list or something...because I'd love to get larger with your jewelry. You should run a class on how to run a web business. The feature you have that updates the stock immediately is perfect! NO ONE else can figure that one out. Anyways....take care...just wanted to let you know that your hard work makes this guy pleased. Take it easy

Submitted 6/17/2005
I placed my order about 2 weeks ago. I chose the free shipping by mail option thinking it would be here in a week or two. The package arrived very well packaged 4 days later. I was amazed. The pyrex tunnels, acrylic plugs, and tapers were all in excellent condition and great quality. Thank you all so much for making me another satisfied customer. I will be ordering plenty more from you all very soon. Thanks.

Submitted 6/1/2005

I just wanted to say thanks for all the great service your company has provided. I am also really pleased to see so many new products introduced, like Gorilla Glass jewelry. I am not a big spender, at least not at the moment, but it's good to know there is a large variety to choose from and that the prices are the most reasonable I have found.

...Anyway, enough rambling from me. Just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate your services! Cheers

Submitted 4/29/2005
I just want to thank you for your outstanding service and phenominal products. Again I want to commend you on the sizing chart you are sending with your packages - that for me personally eliminates ALOT of errors in sizing and finding a 12g bar in my case as opposed to a 14g it helps me alot!!!! I have recently recived some of your flyers and they will be going to EVERYONE! Your prices, quality its just phenominal! Thank you again for everything!!!!!! * smiles *

Submitted 4/24/2005
HI! I placed an order for a black coat steel industrial barbell with your company just last week, and I wanted to say thank you so much for the fast, professional way the jewlery was shipped. It came neatly and safely packaged, and was delivered much faster than I expected (I recieved it in about 3 working days via regular mail... granted I'm in El Paso, TX but still). I've had so many bad experiences, from much larger companies, having merchandise shipped on time. I have no piercings of my own, as the barbell was a gift for a female friend, but should the need ever arise... I'll always come back to, and refer you to all my friends! Thanks,

Submitted 3/20/2005
Dear Body Art Forms,
I received an order from you this morning and can no longer contain my love for you without expressing it. Your site is by far my most favourite place to buy body jewellery from, and I have dealt with quite a few now.

I'm always impressed by your ever-increasing range of stock and great prices, and your customer service is so swift and excellent! My orders always arrive much more quickly than I'd expect - I live in the UK.

With love,
from one very happy customer.

Submitted 3/22/2005
I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful service and items you have provided my husband and I with. You go above and beyond in the customer service deparment and your wares are always wonderful. I recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you for being here. Your loyal customer.

Submitted 3/19/2005
I received my shipment today flawless as usual :) And I just wanted to send you a little "thank you". BAF is the best! Keep up the great work. I intend to continue doing business with you (almost exclusively). THANKS!

Submitted 3/17/2005
Thanks again for being the best place to deal with when it comes to my body jewelry. i am a professional body piercer and i recommend my clients to check you out before any other store when it comes to looking over a large selection. i have continued business with you as i have stretched my ears out and i will continue to do business with you after i have stretched my ears as far as i plan to.thanks again for your wide selection, lightning-fast shipping and great service...

Submitted 3/12/2005
I just want to let you guys know that I have NEVER been disappointed with your jewelry. It's always in great shape, at a great price and arrives so quick... I love it! I recommend this site to everyone I know who shops around. Thanks so much for everything you do!!!

Submitted 3/11/2005
I just wanted to say that bodyartforms is definately the BEST place I've found to shop for my body jewelry and other things involved with mods. The prices are the best, the quality is great and shipping is always fast. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place <3

Submitted 3/9/2005
I ordered Sunday, order was shipped Monday, and it got here Wednesday! I love you guys so much! those fliers will DEFINITELY go fast! :D

Submitted 3/8/2005
I don't know if this is the place to say this...but, once again, thank you for another great piece of jewelry. The ends (2 | PRE-ORDER 8g, (6mm & 8mm) steel internally threaded ball) fit perfectly on the barbell (8g, 1/2" internally threaded steel curved barbell POST ONLY). Industrial Strength jewelry is so gorgeous and I know I'd pay twice as much for it at my local shop (I know because I asked them). So thanks for the great product and great price!

Submitted 3/4/2005
Just wanted to tell you guys, that you provide a great service. I live in England and your stuff gets to me quicker than most UK retailers i have dealt with. THANK YOU so much!

Submitted 3/3/2005
I recently placed my first order with your company, and I couldn't be happier. Great prices, great products, and SUPER-FAST shipping. I will do all of my on-line shopping for jewelry and supplies from you from now on. I would like to see a larger selection of septum jewelry, though. Maybe some biomechanical off the hook stuff. Once again, you guys are great! Thanks!

Submitted 12/10/2004
nice, i just got my order in the mail, very speedy especially for this time of year! you guys rock, keep up the amazing service, ill definatly buy more stuff here <3. thanks a lot and happy holidays.

Submitted 11/13/2004
Just wanted to say that I am very impressed by your site and service. This has been by far the best online purchase/experience. I was amazed by the speed of shipping and quality of products you distribute. Hats off to you and your staff.

Submitted 10/6/2004
I would have to say this is the best service i have had buying plugs. i bought the silicone 9/16 clear eyelets they are great. I they came in faster than i was told. I would like to thank the Young lady on the phone for some advice she gave me on using them to go to the next size, worked great thanks a bunch. until next time, i will only buy from bodyartforms from here on out.

Submitted 10/6/2004
I would just like to thank you for adding the link to "Modified Mind" to your homepage. I have read all the reviews on all the sites there, along with personal reviews I have recieved from my friends. I was EXTREMELY pleased with your selection and prices, and the quality seems to be good from what I have heard. I was impressed with how fast the order went thorough and I can't wait to get my package! You will definitely have me as a return shopper! I will also recommend you to anyone I know looking for body jewelery"... "I will be giving you rave reviews to everyone who will listen! Keep up the good work!

Submitted 10/6/2004
Hey! What's happening BAF!? I'm a 21 year old student in Windsor, Ontario and one of my good friends turned me on to your site when I asked him where he got some of his plugs from. He told me that him and his girlfriend have ordered a number of things from BAF and have never been disappointed. So I decided to give it a try and you came through. I ordered a simple pair of 6G black acrylic plugs (grooved, 3/8" wearable). They were shipped out on September 30 and they were at my house yesterday (October 5) afternoon; as a matter of fact, I'm wearing them right now. I was very impressed at how quickly I received them. Also, your prices are incredible! So cheap for such good quality!! Let's not forget to mention how much you have. The largest selection on a single website I've ever seen!! BRAVO, indeed! Keep it up, BAF. You will have to excuse me now. I have to go and order a couple more things for my girlfriend and myself. Thanks again. Later.

Submitted 9/24/2004
Hey, thanks. Boyoboy, there must be some pretty gullible folks out in
the world, or maybe they're just in a hurry. I was at a couple of the
local piercing stores in the past few days -- the place where I have my
piercings done charges about 50% more than your prices, but the "big"
shop here is about twice that amount -- Way more than is necessary to
cover the cost of overhead and running a store. For that matter, I've
looked at a few other online shops and your prices are in the lower end
of the scale. Thanks -- and that's why I prefer to keep buying from

Submitted 9/23/2004
FANTASTIC!! a few days ago i orderd a pair of kaos silicon tunnels and a pair of industrail stregth florescent blue plugs in 5/8 inch. i was very pleased with the option of a free gift and 4 free black "o" rings, however i was expecting a long and boring wait for my items to arrive in the UK but after a day found out from your order status page that the packages had been shipped and it would arrive on average in 7 days, i was amazed when it arrived just 3 days later and would like to give my thanks to you for getting my order to me quiker than even other companies in the U.K. i am very impressed

Submitted 9/14/2004
Yes i know i email you a ton of what seem to be never ending questions, but this time i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate this site! The customer service is amazing, i ask tons of questions and within 24 hours i have a response! That is such a change compared to most other sites. My boyfriend and i love this site so much that we spend most of our paychecks here...he spent 100 dollars in his last order and i spent 60 in mine. I am willing to spend this money though because of how amazing your products are. Not only are they extremely affordable, but they are also superior quality. Thank you for being so patient w. my constant questions and for running such a wonderful site that I don’t know what I would do w.o!!

Submitted 9/4/2004
have i expressed lately to you how much i love the work you do? my packages are always shipped promptly, the jewelry is always badass, i get a free sticker and o-rings with every order.. y'all are like the most organized and efficient company i have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. i purchase from you about once a month and will continue to do so because it's the same quality jewelry, at a lower cost than most other retailers sell it. how can you go wrong with that? thank you for being awesome. looking forward to many more orders.

Submitted 8/27/2004
i just want to say you guys are great! you always have a crap load of products at affordable prices, i am a college kid and it is nice to be able to afford to buy plugs and septum rings for under 20.00$. thank you so much for your great services. Good luck and God Bless.

Submitted 8/20/2004
Just wanted to tell you guys that you kick ass! I've been ordering from you guys since my ears were at 1/2. Now they are at a full inch and thanks to you I've gotten to have great looking jewelry throughout the stretch! Also, you're REALLY friggin fast with orders! I cant wait to put in my next order. Thanks a bunch for having such a great site and company. I cant wait to put in my next order.

Submitted 7/22/2004
What, do you people now have ESP? I order Monday, buy basic USPS shipping, and it's in my mailbox Thursday morning? It's like you already know what I'm going to buy, you're just waiting for me to click the button so you can chuck it in a mailbox. This is uncannily good service bordering on the positively creepy. Keep it up!

Submitted 7/22/2004
I ordered a 10g 3/8 inch bar closure ring for my septum piercing on Friday, July 16th. Imagine my surprise when it showed up in the mail today, Wednesday, July 21st! I was so delighted to see it so soon that I decided to write you guys a little note saying thanks! This first experience with your company has made me positive that I will want to do further business with you in the near future. (I've got my eye on some 1/2 inch translucent blue kaos eyelets.) Anyway, THANKS A MILLION!

Submitted 6/1/2004
I just wanted to write and tell you guys how happy I am with your selection, service and prices! I've been a very happy repeat customer for several months and will continue to come back here for all my body jewelry needs. I love your selection and the quality of your items is top notch, not to mention the fact that the prices are VERY reasonable. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Submitted 6/24/2004
i would just like to let you guys know what exceptional service you have. both times i've ordered from you i've recieved exactly what i wanted, exactly as i pictured it to be. my first order was 2 4ga circular barbells, which had a great finish on them, with minors nicks which is completely understandable. they were perfect for my lobes and they were really great looking. then my second order was for 0ga stone plugs. i got the aztec agate's which looking incredible and i've been recieving warm comments ever since i put them in. thanks for great service, product, and customer satisfaction, keep it up guys.

Submitted 6/18/2004
I just received my order today, June 18th, after it had been shipped out on the 14th. Wow!! I had not expected such a quick delivery, and the products are all top quality - exactly what I was looking for. The people at Bodyartforms ROCK!
Oh, and extremely helpful customer support, I got a reply to my question by email within 24 hours. Awesome business, hope to order more from you soon.

Submitted 4/27/2004
Once again nothing but satisfied. You guys run a smooth operation, and that's an understatement. This is my 4th order, with another on the way. I have to tell you I only have one piercing. That's gotta tell you how much I love you guys. Keep it up. Thanx Again.

Submitted 3/18/2004
I just wanted to tell you guys that I have never been so happy with a company before! The customer service is spectacular and the products are great, especially for the price. Everything I ordered came within 5 days of when I place it. Needless to say, I will never buy body jewelery from another company! Anywho, I just wanted to thank you for everything!

Submitted 3/10/2004
I just wanted to say that i love your business. you are professional. everything is done in a very timely fashion. and i have never been disapointed. i will shop no where else. They say you get what you pay for. well you got the best prices and your service is even better.

Submitted 2/22/2004
Dear Body Art Forms,
Hey I just wanted to  thank you for providing a web site that's dependable as well as very inexpensive. Your site provides such a wide variety of jewelry that's so much cheaper than almost any other place on the net and its so convenient and the free gifts are really nice. Also its very comforting to know that when I order from your site, my stuff is going to get here. I have recommended you to all my friends and keep up the great work.

Submitted 2/13/2004
Greetings BodyArtForms,
I don't often write a fan letter to a company, but I'm so very pleased with your jewelry and especially your service. You shipped so fast that it totally surprised and shocked me. I don't mind a reasonable wait, but I desperately needed the retainer portion of my order and was praying for the fasted ship which I reasoned would be Saturday if there was a miracle. But it arrived today! I ordered it midday on the 10th and it was here on midday the 12th. I took the padded envelope out of the mailbox and I'm like WTF is this? I had no idea... I'm very pleased with the quality of all the jewelry. The prices were exellent. Free jewelry with my purchase. The fastest shipping ever...and the shipping was FREE! You definately will have a repeat customer (and I'm always buying and changing jewelry-so there}!

Submitted 1/29/2004
I just wanted to say how pleased I was with my order. It got to my house SOOO fast!! I also love th jewelry I got. I will deffinitly be coming back to you for all of my body jewelry needs. thanks a bunch!

Submitted 11/11/2003
You guys are great! Your service is so quick and the products I received were nothing short of excellent. I ordered my plugs on thursday and I got them monday of the following week, you guys have my business.

Submitted 11/8/2003
On a side note though just wanted to say that I love the fast replies I always get from you! Thanks. By the way Iove that you guys are offering a discount for reaching a certain amount in purchases. I've dropped a lot of cash on your site, and due to the great jewelry and service I plan to continue to do so. it's nice to get a little "thank you" in the form of a discount. Also, I think the autoclaving service is way awesome! I plan on using that for my next purchase so my jewelry is ready to go when I take it to my peircer. Thanks for the great service. :D

Submitted 10/12/2003
I have to tell you, your customer service is incredible. I purchased 3 tapers on the 8th of October and expected them in a week or so. They arrived on the 11th and were EXACTLY what I had asked for in the comments section. Thanks you so much for your service. I'll be sure to send some more of my money your way. Thanks!

Submitted 8/20/2003
I just wanted to let you know how cool its was to open your package today. This was the second time i ordered from your site and it again only took the jewelry 2 buisness days to get here. On my last order i asked for some stickers to throw up around town where alot of people normally shop for body jewelry and pay ridiculous prices. Not only did i get the
stickers but you also sent some hollow coconut wood plugs for free. Thanks so much i know form now on i'll never buy body jewelry anywhere else. You guys kick ass!!!!

Submitted 12/17/2003
I am so impressed. My shipment was in Toronto in 4 business days. I don't think I've had mail from Toronto to Toronto come in 4 business days. The product is fantastic and is exactly as advertised. I can't give you guys enough praise, great job. In fact I'm going to place another order right now. Thanx Again.

Submitted 8/12/2003
I just recieved the Axiom Captive bead that I ordered, and I must say "Wow!!!" I have been nothing less than overly impressed with the customer service and the entire jewelry quality. Thank you so much, I have never been happier with a company in my life, especially one on the internet. I would recommend your company hands down to any other, even local stores. Thanks

Submitted 6/18/2003
Hello again! I just wanted to thank you for answering my e-mails promptly. It's so hard to find a company that cares about customer service these days, it's nice to know that I have found one. I'll recomend your company to all of my friends and clients! Thank you for shipping my nostril screw out yesterday, I am looking forward to getting it!

Submitted 7/14/2003
I just wanted to write and thank you. I've only ordered from your company twice, but everything I've ordered has arrived quickly, and the quality of the jewelry has been great. I really apreciate how well has taken care of me as a customer. I definitely plan on purchasing my body jewelry from you in the future. Thanks again!

Submitted 6/23/2003
Hi, I just received my custom made acrylic 7/8" 4 gauge and they are so gorgeous. I have been ordering jewelry from you guys for a while now and the jewelry just keeps getting better and better. I couldn't believe the color and quality of the cbr's, it well exceeded my expectations. I have referred many friends to your site and they say it's the best body jewelry site on the web. As long as you have body jewelry for me I will continue to buy it. Thank you for making the best damn jewelry my ears certainly love you guys!

Submitted 6/19/2003
I have been ordering jewellry from you guys for only a little while, but numerous times. I just want to say that i am very pleased with the service, the jewelry itself, and the fast time it got here. I love your webstie and all the stuff you have, keep up the awesome work. I hope to order from you soon, peace!!!

Submitted 5/31/2003
I have received the package. Thanks!! The quality is excellent and they are all value for money. (especially the bulk pack) Also, thanks for the 3 additional 1/2" shafts. I can only say your company's service and quality is fantastic!!! Keep it up!

Submitted 4/17/2003
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your prompt service. My plugs and taper arrived very quickly, and I appreciate it, especially in light of the problems I've had with the last company I tried to purchase from. I will certainly recommend your site and products. I'm up to a 7/16 and will send a picture, for the pictures section of your site, when I reach the 1/2" size. I am so thrilled to find a place to buy good quality, reasonably priced plugs that even has good business practices. What a TREAT!!

Submitted 4/7/2003
I just want to say how happy I am with your speedy service and low prices. I bought a 16g steel curved barbell with cones for $8 where at the local store it cost $20 for the same one. I ordered it on April 2nd, it got sent out on the 4th and arrived today(7th). It got here after 3 days after shipping when i ordered ground which was 7-14 days estimated. Thanks a lot, I'll definately be shopping here instead of the other sites.

Submitted 3/8/2003
Here's a picture submission for your gallery. In it, I'm wearing the custom Industrial Strength 14g barbells I just got today from your site. =) And by the way, they're fantastic and I'll be coming back for more. The quality is the best I've ever seen, the price was unbeatable and they got here way faster than I expected. And you take money orders, which is a big plus in my book. Thanks!

Submitted 3/2/2003
Hey! You guys are awesome. I was signing on the other day to see when you guys shipped out my order. I wasn't online for 2 seconds when the mail man arrived. My package was shipped on the 26th and I got it on the 29th! I stretched my ears and put the new jewelry in, looks great! I'll send you a picture in a few! Thanks again for the great service! :)

Submitted 3/1/2003
I would just like to comment on your site and ordering process. First of all your site is just kick ass no doubt about it. Ihave no problem finding what i want.. and it only takes like 4 days for the order to get to me. I have ordered about 5 or 6 different items from ya'll. I will continue to use!!

Submitted 12/1/2002
I just wanted you guys to know that you have the best prices when it comes to body jewelry. Whenever my friends mention how high they paid for their jewerly, I tell them to go to your site. You have the best selection for such a low cost. I know I will never go to another jewelry place again and spend a high amount on jewelry. You guys are the best. Btw, I love the 00g flesh tunnels I recently bought from you guys. It's perfect! Thanks!

Submitted 10/10/2002
I just wanted to compliment you on your service. I have ordered things online before and other places have been less then helpful. You answered questions and had impeccably quick shipping. I will be recommending your site to others! In short your good service does not go unappreciated.

Submitted 10/7/2002
Quite a few months ago, I bought 0ga green plugs from this site for such a great price. I just wanted to say that I am very happy with them. I've never had plugs that have lasted this long!! They are always cracking or the o rings are too big and I wind up losing them! Anyone asks me where I got my plugs from, they are always amazed with the price I got them for. Here on Long Island NY, plugs go for $30+ for *1* plug!!
I always recommend this site to ALL of my friends, and people who ask. You guys are the best!

Submitted 10/2/2002
I would just like to thank you for being so wonderful. I'm glad there is a place where I can find good, inexpensive body jewelry. I love this website. I would definately buy more jewelry from, and I have recomended it to my friends. Thanks for being so awesome!!

Submitted 9/11/2002
I have been ordering from Bodyartforms, for about 9 months to a year and they have always been speedy with the shipping and the jewelry is great quality, and all the employers from the site have always been helpful and prompt on getting back to you ;D thank you Bodyartforms!

Submitted 9/9/2002
I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that I was very impressed with your speedy service.

Recently, I ordered nostril screws from another retailer on the internet. On their website, it stated that all items are shipped in 2-3 days. I tried to wait patiently, but when two weeks had gone by, I finally logged onto their site and found that they had attached a mail date of 1-2 weeks on my order. I called them directly and told them I found that ridiculous, and that they should cancel my order. They had asked me, at the time I placed my order, if I would please rate them on Biz Rate. Naturally, I did not give them a good review! I was amazed, because after all the crap, someone from their company had the nerve to send me an email chewing me out for the bad review and saying "we were planning to mail your order tonight." Wow, that's nice. I guess I made the mistake of thinking that when I ordered something, I would actually get it on time!

I will be coming back to you in the future if I have other needs. I will also be telling everyone I talk to that you are the place to find body jewelry of excellent quality at great prices and with super speedy delivery.

Thanks for restoring my faith in e-tailers!

Submitted 8/23/2002
I would just like to say you guys are the best web site I've ever ordered jewelry off of! Many others I had sooo many problems and things that i ordered were back ordered and they didn't contact me unlike yours where if it's not in stock it says that! I will def. order from you guys again! Thanks soo much and your prices are great!

Submitted 7/31/2002
I've received my order today, and I'm satisfied beyond belief! :) The package arrived in great condition and took only 3 days. Your service is excellent. Thank you so much!

Submitted 7/23/2002
Hey!!! Thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!
I was severely impressed by the professionalism in this!!! Great customer service, GREAT prices ( Wow... when I need other jewelry, I'm only buying here!!! PROMISED!!!), and you even threw in extra O-Rings!!! I am going to pass along this great service to my friends before they pay some ridiculous price at the mall from some cocky person!!! I am very happy, and it even came with care instructions?!?!?
If nothing else, I'd say this is the best customer service I've ever received...

Submitted 7/21/2002
I just got my new jewelry today (a pair of blue 2ga acrylic plugs) and I just wanted to comment on how satisfied I am with not only the speed of service, but also the product! Because I don't have a credit card, it's hard to find a place online to order quality, low-price jewelry. And it's even harder around here to find a piercing shop that isn't interested in raking you over the coals...I went to one piercing shop that wanted FORTY dollars for a pair of acrylic plugs...and they didn't even have a very good selection! Also, I really like the way the plugs are rounded at the makes them look MUCH prettier. Thanks for being awesome! I'll definitely be back!!!

Submitted 4/29/2002
I love you guys :-) I've purchased from you about 5 times already in the past month or so, and I've had fast shipping and great merchandise!

Submitted 4/25/2002
... I really have been impressed with your service. Ever since I found your site surfing the web, I have found myself placing orders every week now for the past month for jewelry. I really like the prices and selection. I always check BodyArtForms first to see if you guys have something I want before I check anywhere else. My experience is, don't even bother! ...

Submitted 4/22/2002
The quality of service here is incredible. They answered all of my questions and took extra time with me even before I placed an order. This is a top notch place to buy great jewelry. Thanks alot.....

Submitted 4/11/2002
I just wanted to say that you guys are the absolute best! I have ordered twice from you. I had received my first order less than a week after I sent for it, and my second order is on its way right now! (I just sent in the money order 3 days ago!) Anyways, your prices are great. Keep up the good work.

Submitted 4/9/2002
Thank you. I received the one with the 8g taper and retainer yesterday and was just about to send an inquiry about when the other package shipped. I wasn't sure if both shipped on the same day since your website online tracking feature did not indicate this. I thought to check my Yahoo email just before sending it and saw this! I have been very surprised, impressed, and pleased with all of the help, service, selection, prices, and my overall experience with BodyArtForms and just wanted to drop a line to show my appreciation. Thank you again for the heads-up. I'll be shopping again soon and you'll be the first place I shop.

Submitted 4/6/2002

I just wanted to let you know that I love this website. It's great and you guys answer any questions really fast. I love all the stuff and it is sooo CHEAP that it makes it even greater. I will be recommending this website to all of my friends and I will be online here alot more too. Thanks again.

Submitted 3/2/2002
The new stuff on your site kicks ass!!! This is the only place I order body jewelry from. Your site helps me out a lot since Ihad to move to a small hick town that has no where that sells body jewelry thanx for all the help!!!

Submitted 2/7/2002
Wow..just thought I'd mention that I just found this site, and ordinarily, I'm pretty turned off by the quality and selection of most jewelry sites, but this looks good...also decent selection of plugs that actually come in my size, and are CHEAP! Come from reputable companies too....and, to top it off, you accept money orders, and your shipping is inexpensive.....I'll definately be ordering some things soon....thanks for existing!

Submitted 1/22/2002
I orederd 3/4" plugs and they got here in like 4 days, very good quality!!!!!!!! A+. I would strongly recommend anyone to this site for all of their jewerly needs.

Submitted 1/15/2002
Hey I just got the 2g acrylic plugs and the 12g cbrs that I won a few weeks ago, and I left positive feedback but I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to say how pleased I am with the products I recieved...I can't believe that I got these for as cheaply as I did! The quality's much better than any other body jewelry I've bought on ebay, and the prices are amazing. I honestly have no idea how you can sell this quality for the prices you do, but I will definitely purchase from you again, and send all of my friends to your site too. Thanks again!

Submitted 1/14/2002
Hello once again- the jewlery arrived today!!!- all i can say is that both me and my twin are well 'chuffed'- the quality is outstanding- big smiles all round :) :) ... Thanks once again, we're alreday planning our next purchases.

Submitted 1/13/2002
I went to a club last night wearing my new UV reactive plugs i got from you (the plummie purple ones) and let me just tell you!!! I got sooooo many compliments! heh people were just walking over to me on the dance floor (granted we couldn't really understand each other b/c of the loud music but hey..) and chicks in the bathroom were like oh my god! those are so cute!!! i've never gotten such a reaction like that! your stuff is way killer... i need more! i told as many people as i could last night where i got them from.. i LOVE the way they glow in blacklight... you rock!

Submitted 12/13/2001
Thanks for selling me those plugs and tunnels. I was really glad that I got them for so cheap. Here in Iowa I would have to pay like $20 or $30 for the plugs and $20 to $40 for the tunnels.

Submitted 12/10/2001
I just wanted to thank you again for all your help! As I told Ellen, you guys have been sooooooo helpful and courteous, and it has been a pleasure ordering from you. You have put up with my numerous emails ... lol ... and have replied so promptly, answering all my questions and even making a taper in the size I needed. It is rare to find such service anywhere these days, no less all in one place, and I wanted you to know how appreciative I am for everything. I will definitely order from you again ... you have some great stuff and very reasonable prices ... especially compared to what we pay here in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. I also plan on telling friends that buy body jewelry where to go online for some great stuff, great prices and excellent service! It was a lifesaver to find your site with everything I needed [especially the retainers for my impending surgery] all in one place. Thanks again for all your help ... I can't wait to get my stuff!!

Submitted 12/7/2001
Thank you very much. I must say that it has been a pleasure ordering from you. Everything seems to run very smoothly. I will definitely recommend you, and continue to use you when I'm in need of jewelry.

Submitted 10/12/2001
I've bought 2 rings from you already and I just love them to death... everyone loves how different they are. All my guy friends are just like where did u get that cuz normally all the girls have the same ol same ol ring and I love being different. Keep up the good ideas.

Submitted 10/5/2001
I just looked at the pictures, and that is EXACTLY what I wanted...I will definately be recommending my friends to you for custom work.

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