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Posted by Charles LaFave

Trepanning AKA Trepanation, AKA Trephination   Imagine someone taking a really sharp rock and cutting your scalp, then flopping your scalp open like a wet rug and using a – probably – different rock to saw into your skull. They then make a roughly rectangular shape, pop out part of your skull bones, put your […]

Mursi Lip Stretching

Posted by Charles LaFave

It’s technically a labret. But like, the queen of labrets. The practice was once much more widespread in Africa, with some reports from the 1800s saying men and women of different tribes wore great lip plates in their lower (and sometimes upper) lips. Today, the Mursi are most famous for keeping up this tradition (Along […]


Posted by Charles LaFave

AKA Odd Mods 3 When you think of corsets, you probably think about those kooky Victorians and their tightlacing. You’re not wrong, and we’ll get to them in a bit. But the history of the corset goes back a lot further than that. Try 2000 BCE, on the island of Crete, where a culture we’ve come […]

Site updates / changes — Week of 10/24/16

Posted by bafadmin

Near the end of this week we plan to upgrade the server that our database is on and *hopefully* it will speed up search results! Added a “clear search X icon”, instead of automatically clearing your keywords when you click inside the keywords search box. You can now filter within the New and Restocked search results. Updated […]

Dr. Berger’s Memory Implants – Transhumanism 3

Posted by Charles LaFave

Have you ever forgotten anything? I certainly have. For millions of people around the world suffering from brain damage, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, it’s a matter of life and death. Now what if you could have a hard drive implanted in your brain? As your brain fails, the hard drive picks up the […]

Cranial Deformation – Odd Mods 2

Posted by Charles LaFave

It’s a practice that may go back as far as 45,000 years. Homo Sapiens (That’s us) may not have been the only humans to do it. It spans cultures, continents and entire eras of human history. This week, we’re talking head shaping, aka Cranial Deformation, aka the Toulouse Deformity, aka Definitely Not Alien Skulls. First, […]

The Woman Who Feels Earthquakes – Transhumanism 2

Posted by Charles LaFave

During performances, Moon Ribas shakes onstage to a rhythm that only she can feel. A choreographer and performer from Northern Spain, Ribas is a self-identified cyborg and co-founder of the Cyborg Foundation. It’s goals, according to Ribas, are to help humans become cyborgs, defend cyborg rights, and to promote cyborg art as an artistic and […]

Ear Project Q and A – With the Amazing Whitney Thompson

Posted by Charles LaFave

It’s on Tumblr. It’s on Pinterest. It’s on Facebook, and maybe Myspace or like LiveJournal (but who’s still using those?) Is it on Google Plus? I’m not going to check, but I assume it is. I’m talking about ear projects, one of the most photographed, shared and searched piercing-related things on social media. You may […]

The Brain to Brain Interface – Transhumanism 1

Posted by Charles LaFave

They’re called BBIs (short for Brain to Brain Interfaces), and in 2013 Dr. Rajesh Rao, along with Dr. Andrea Stocco and their team at the University of Washington, succeeded in connecting the brains of two participants and moving information back and forth between the two using a non-invasive interface. In layman’s terms: They used science […]

Mayan Tooth Inlays (Odd Mods Part 1)

Posted by Charles LaFave

When you think of the Mayan’s body modification, you probably think of stretched lobes or septums, or maybe lip or nostril piercings. But one form of modification that the Mayan’s practiced doesn’t get much press: Tooth inlays. That’s the process of taking something like a gemstone or a piece of jade and putting in into […]

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