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Shipping Rate Increase — Chinese Counterfeiting Edition

Posted by Charles LaFave

I’d like to talk a moment about Chinese counterfeiting. *** But first, I’m going to go over how our shipping rates will change this year. I’ll give you the big info first, so you’ll have it. You can stop reading after that if you don’t want to be deeply angered any further. Each year for […]

Site updates / changes — Week of 10/24/16

Posted by Bodyartforms

Near the end of this week we plan to upgrade the server that our database is on and *hopefully* it will speed up search results! Added a “clear search X icon”, instead of automatically clearing your keywords when you click inside the keywords search box. You can now filter within the New and Restocked search results. Updated […]

The New Site Blog

Posted by Charles LaFave

Sure, you noticed that the site is mobile friendly now, but what about all of the other cool tweaks and changes Bodyartforms has been putting out there in the past few weeks? This is the blog where we talk about that stuff. I know I’ve mentioned the mobile friendly site in the past but in […]

The Yellow Bag

Posted by Charles LaFave

AKA “Bag the Bag” Bodyartforms cares about the environment. Seriously. We strive to recycle everything possible, we use environmentally conscious packaging wherever we can (Our packing peanuts? Biodegradable. I eat one every chance I get. I don’t know if that’s safe, but I do it), and we even have one of those compost thingies that […]

Magical Girl Rebekah

Posted by Charles LaFave

AKA “The Bodyartforms Photographer”   “Magical girl anime – or mahou shojou in Japan, sorry – is a show that generally follows a girl or group of young girls, often with magical powers or some kind of magical transformation and they use those powers to solve everyday problems, or to fight crime. The story has […]

Danielle, Master of Inventory

Posted by Charles LaFave

Danielle and I spent the first ten minutes of the interview talking about her chair. It’s not really a chair in the traditional sense. It’s one of those chairs that you kneel on, and it forces you to have perfect posture. It reminds me a bit of my Catholic youth. Except I have terrible posture. […]

The New Checkout

Posted by Charles LaFave

When you go to buy something at Bodyartforms today, you’ll notice something new. Something has changed, and it’s pretty wonderful. We are all very, very excited about it. I am, of course, talking about the new checkout. It’s simple, beautiful, and the features and user friendly stuff will make checking out quick and easy. I’ll […]

The Politics of Anti-Social, Part One

Posted by Charles LaFave

AKA “The Charity Blog” “There is one and only one social responsibility of business—to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits.” –Milton Friedman, Economist   My girlfriend – who is modified herself – has a saying that often comes up when watching movies: “If someone has piercings, you know they’re […]

The Social Media Social Hour

Posted by Charles LaFave

“She’s still the boss, and I’m just the applesauce,” Brandy says as I sit down. For the rest of the interview I know I will keep going back to this phrase over and over again. It’s something Brandy, our incoming social media person, tells her son all the time. I’m the boss, and you’re the […]

We Won’t Have to Raise Shipping Prices as Much as We Thought

Posted by Charles LaFave

FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders over $25! Just FYI, before we get started. Now for the other prices. I wrote a blog here[link] last week about the Post Office raising shipping prices and how we would also have to raise our shipping prices. I’m not saying that blog was a dirty, dirty lie. But we […]

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