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  • Site updates / changes — Week of 10/24/16

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    Near the end of this week we plan to upgrade the server that our database is on and *hopefully* it will speed up search results!

    Added a “clear search X icon”, instead of automatically clearing your keywords when you click inside the keywords search box.

    You can now filter within the New and Restocked search results.

    Updated filters to have an “apply” button so that you can select multiple filters at once and then press apply to get your results. Before it would auto update on each checkbox click, but we got enough feedback that you all would prefer to select more than one at a time. So done! 🙂

    Added a new “Compact view” for the wishlist. This basically just hides all the form fields from the page just showing the title, picture, and add to cart.

    We are progressively working towards a more clean & modern look. Changed the center area over to white and got rid of a lot of the purple spacing around main content (which was just wasted screen space). Changed the filters to be on a white background as well instead of the dark purple so that it would be easier on the eyes.

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